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There is Tension in the Air as Trump and Putin are Set to Meet.

It will be their first meeting as presidents, nothing is clear at this point considering all the rifts that have been expanding between the two countries– and reflecting the unusual circumstances surrounding the event and their relationship. Kilali Godson Kilali Godson is an aspiring author on Wattpad under the pen name ‘Rentotou’. She loves to […]

Missile Launch Alert!!

Russia, a country of secrecy and alarming surprises, have fired four cruise missiles to hit Islamic State manpower and equipment near the Syrian city of Palmyra from the Mediterranean on a Russian warship and a submarine. Apparently, Russia had warned the United States, Turkey and Israel before launching the missiles, the Defence Ministry said. The […]

Aisha Buhari Off To London.

The beautiful First Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari on Tuesday departed Nigeria for the United Kingdom to join her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari, who is in London for medical treatment and follow-up. Mrs. Aisha Buhari departed through the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja on Tuesday morning. She took to twitter to also reveal that the health condition […]

President Buhari Gone For Medical Checkup, Leaves Some Good News Behind

It is quite remarkable that two events that are very important to the nation happened simultaneously. While the President was leaving for medical reasons, 82 Chibok girls were returning and the President made sure he met with them before travelling. President Muhammadu Buhari departed Nigeria for London Sunday night for follow-up medical consultation with his […]

President Buhari Bans Top Government Officials From Flying First Class

In order to curtail the excesses and utilize the country’s financial resources appropriately, the Federal Government banned all its top officials such as Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Chairmen of FG Committees, Chairmen and Chief Executives of Government Parastatals and Agencies, from flying first class while on officials trips.Henceforth they are to travel on business class.   […]