It was our Nassarawa Gateman at the door, “madam NEPA don come”

We have been using the prepaid meter for about 3 years now and Nepa abi PHCN came around sometimes to ensure no one was doing an illegal connection or ‘bypass’ as they call it.
We live in a compound of four flats and one particular neighbour was notorious for illegal connections. Nepa has threatened to arrest him but he’s never around when they come, they disconnect him and he goes back to connect it at night while the world is asleep. Power supply in Port Harcourt is so epileptic!
Dear Diary!  I have digressed…. Where was I? Ah yes Ade!
My mind replays the ride back home in his car.
“Permit me to say this, you’re very beautiful”, he said with a smile. I actually felt good hearing someone tell me I was beautiful, I used to hear that a long time ago, I felt beautiful a long time ago…then I put on weight and worse still Willie is not big on giving compliments.
I smiled with a thank you. I wanted to keep calm and pretend I didn’t know him. I now realise why he looked slightly familiar, I have seen his pictures but never met him since he was often away at work offshore.
“Tell me about your self, I love talking to beautiful ladies”. To which I responded, “what’s there to tell? Am married. “
My words seemed to bounce off his ears, because the next thing he said was “I will love to have lunch with you”.
Okay so now my heart was racing, not necessarily out of excitement, oh no! It was a mixed feeling of anger, disappointment and bewilderment. This guy was smooth! Lizzy is in trouble and I Belema needs to get off this one chance.
Sometimes life gives what we bargain for and I am certainly not bargaining to cheat on my husband and if for some insane  reason I found myself on that path it certainly wasn’t going to be with my friend’s husband, ‘impossicant’!
Now I think I must come out clean, so I smiled mischievously as I told him,  “we will go on one condition”.
Guy man happily asked “what”?
“I will have lunch with you if Lizzy comes along”.
It was as if I gave him a slap, the look on his face was priceless and I was having a hard time suppressing my laughter.
“You know my wife? “
“Yeah, she’s my friend, we worship in the same church”
“Are you the Belema? Her friend from church? “
“Yes!  One and only Belema “
“Wow!  I wonder what you must think of me now”
“Sir, I have no thoughts,  I simply would like to go home. “
He was quiet for a moment before he said,  “you can’t blame me for admiring a beautiful woman, your hips can make a man’s eyes water”
Ah!  Lizzy, you dey live inside one chance!
I then began to wonder how often he picked up random women and charmed them with his looks, his words and his money! Lizzy would never be able to conquer this one on her own!
He dropped me off at the beginning of our close, I thanked him for the ride and I can’t say I was surprised to hear him say “please don’t tell my wife”.
I walked back home with thoughts of my husband William.  I can’t boast that he’s a saint but I’m sure of one thing,  he’s a very disciplined and despite our struggles he still shows me respect. I got into the house and set out to make prepare green peppered gizzard sauce with white rice.  Willie would love it……that was the beginning of an amazing evening with my Efik prince…
Dear diary, how do I tell my friend about my encounter with her husband……..
Ibiwari Perrin-Oglafa is a former banker based in Port Harcourt. She is a writer who is passionate about relationships. She runs a Facebook page called Unmasking Relationships, it is an online blog where real life issues pertaining to life, love, relationships and marriage are discussed.
She is MD/CEO of Intimate Spices, a shop which offers products and counselling services to married couples to enhance and improve intimacy and their sexual experience.She is a wife and mother of 3.

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