I think I will have to tell Lizzy. I cannot keep this away from her, I owe it to her as a friend to tell her that I ran into her husband. I don’t know if I will tell her that he tried to ask me out on a date but I will surely tell her I met Ade. 

I hear the kids arguing in the living room, don’t these children ever stop! There’s no peace and quiet once they’re at home. I love my kids no doubt but sometimes it does get overwhelming and I want to hide in my room or run away from my own house. Everyone needs a break now and again, most especially housewives like us. 
I really hate the way people make it look like being a housewife is ordinary and simple! Once upon a time, I used to see things that way, a life time ago when I was a Telecoms big girl! I had money, power, influence, or so I thought! Until one day it was over in a flash. I do not regret being at home to with my kids, it has afforded me the opportunity to instill values and discipline I may not have been able to instill if I still had a job. However, there’s a hollowness in my heart which yearns for more. 
I see fellow housewives in the estate. I see some when I drop the kids off at school, some with their hair nets looking sloppy. One in particular actually comes braless! Assaulting our eyes with her big droopy boobs! I can never get to that level! Tamuno siye dukuma! (God forbid bad thing) William will send me packing! Apart from looking sloppy I see a common thing with my fellow housewives, they all walk around looking lost and sleep deprived. With a hollowness in their eyes like they have given up on life.
It is this same hollowness which drove me to church, in going to church I found myself wanting more, I yearned for a closer relationship with God and gradually my heart is coming alive again. I live for those moments when I go to church, sing, dance, cry, pray and just express myself to God. This has been my escape, how I have kept my sanity. 
Willie doesn’t understand, he says I have become a fanatic! It doesn’t bother me, I would rather be a fanatic than a depressed, lost and angry soul. He was too caught up in his own world to realise I was floating around depressed and unfulfilled, now he calls me a fanatic and even laughingly says I will soon start tekewari (prayer house) in our home the rate at which I pray. It’s funny how am finally getting more attention from him. 
That sounds like Lizzy’s car at the gate….


Ibiwari Perrin-Oglafa is a former banker based in Port Harcourt. She is a writer who is passionate about relationships. She runs a Facebook page called Unmasking Relationships, it is an online blog where real life issues pertaining to life, love, relationships and marriage are discussed.
She is MD/CEO of Intimate Spices, a shop which offers products and counselling services to married couples to enhance and improve intimacy and their sexual experience.She is a wife and mother of 3.

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