I watched from the window as she drove in her Ford explorer. Lizzy always appeared like a breathe of sunshine, it still beats me hollow how her husband didn’t value her. She was all smiles as I opened the door for her.


“Belem how far na? You dey busy? Make we rush go Spar”.

“Lizzy how are you?”

“I say make we go Spar. I’m very fine thanks, dress up let’s go.

I had laundry to attend to, the kids nanny hasn’t been at work for some days now. However I still decided to accompany her. So I changed up and put on a dash of makeup. Twenty minutes later, we were on our way to Spar.

Frank Edward’s music filtered out of the speakers as we drove on.

“Guess who I saw on Tuesday?” I asked her.

To which she responded “Ade”. I was slightly taken aback cos he had said to me not to tell her. Anyway there was really nothing to hide cos I had no reason to sneak behind my friend and go on a date with her husband.

“He told me he met my friend in the bank. He described you well with your hips. Hahahahaha. That my husband too like woman, make woman no kill am for me. Belem, you be better person cos I know say if na some kian people dem for find way corner my Ade.”

I couldn’t give her the exact details of my conversation with Ade, not because I had anything to hide but this is a bit awkward for me.

“He offered me a ride cos it was about to rain. He looked a bit familiar though I didn’t recognise him very well until he introduced himself.”

“But he had no idea I was your friend until I told him who I was. We left the bank at almost the same time and the rain made me accept his offer.”

“Don’t worry yourself Belem, I no get wahala with you. My husband doesn’t see a beautiful woman without looking twice and you be hin speck, he dey like your kian hips and me i no gather. Hahahaha. Besides he has been a good boy since he came home, perhaps God has finally touched his heart cos he has been so caring since he got back from the rig.”

Now I remember why Lizzy became my friend, she had a simplistic attitude towards everything including her husband’s infidelity and abusive nature towards her.

“O girl stop looking gloomy, pick anything you want oh”. By this time we were walking into Spar but I wasn’t gloomy about Lizzy and her husband anymore, she has after all adopted a survival strategy for her marriage. As much as I worried for her, there was little I could do about the choices she had made.

I was gloomy because I walked into Spar with 400 naira in my bag and that was all I had. I didn’t like to feel like a leach so I declined taking anything as Lizzy had offered. She however didn’t seem to take any notice, she simply loaded her cart as she looked through her shopping list.

There were days when I felt so helpless that I couldn’t generate income for myself. Days when I felt inadequate, days when it looked like I wasn’t trying enough, days when I wanted to give up This was one of those days….

Dear Diary I need to get my life back on track…



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