As I picked up the great book by Ernest D. Chu a former Wall Street Investment banker, an accomplished entrepreneur and an ordained spiritual pastor and teacher I read through his teachings titled Soul Currency: Investing your Inner Wealth for Fulfillment and Abundance. In reading a chapter titled Counterfeit Currency, I found in it the summation of all I had believed, have preached and what changes I needed to also introduce to my own life. In summary, he holds that…..
Beliefs, mind-sets, and behavior based on fear are counterfeit currency. Soul currency is rooted in love and is the opposite of counterfeit currency which is rooted in fear. Counterfeit currency cannot build spiritual capital for you but carry the energy of pain and constriction rather than of celebration and growth. Fear pulls you into a contraction, saps your energy, make you feel unsafe, manifesting as a chronically ingrained negative mind-set that always looks at what is likely to go wrong and all the reasons why good results are not going to happen. Unfortunately if fear is your focus, you will make enough things go wrong and create enough disappointments that you will be convinced you’re right.
Life would be most meaningful if we use our inner wealth for the soul purpose of fulfillment and abundance rather than chase after money and material things. Counterfeit currency is all around us, from the people we meet daily in our places of work, on the streets, in our homes and within us. It is so deeply ingrained in most people we encounter especially with the hardship and sadness that abound that as a Christian I often wonder how many people here will make it into the kingdom of God even as many profess they are Christians, church goers and even born again yet exude counterfeit currency in their actions and tag this along wherever they go as an endemic disease.
Unfortunately most people have become so negatively aggressive in chasing the good things of life that they fail to realize that the counterfeit currency is what they amass and exhibit. We have become self-cherishing and consumed by the importance of money as a symbol of our intrinsic worth. It is ironic that the US Dollar has printed on every copy “In God We Trust” yet man’s emotions attached to money has become his favorite symbol of value yet leading to more distrust, discord and dishonesty than any other tool we use.
If you seem to be scattering your spiritual assets instead of successfully multiplying your spiritual capital, you need to take a look at your inner world and investigate what’s going on there. Before you can begin to prosper, you will need to remove the fundamental beliefs that you created from fear-based consciousness and replace them with love.
The frightened parts of the personality show up as feelings of inferiority or superiority, as judgmental, and as the feeling of being unloved and alone. They consist of false spiritual assets that you pass off as real which will only yield you diluted, ephemeral and even negative returns. You may fool yourself into believing you are investing authentic capital, but your body will undoubtedly experience stress which can result in ill health.
Most of us have been brought up to be self-cherishing and consumed by the importance of money as a symbol of our intrinsic worth. We all wrestle to some extent with negative intentions such as masking our feelings and controlling others, because we believe it is safer to do so. But as we become aware of our counterfeit currency, we can let it dissolve and strengthen our loving, healthy intentions such as living with integrity and compassion and communicating genuinely.
Downsize your counterfeit beliefs for your inner beliefs are mirrored by reality. If you trust, you will attract and create trust and if you don’t, your world will be filled with people who don’t trust you.
As you reflect on counterfeit currency, you have a choice to imbibe the gold standard which is being open to receive for true giving without conditions opens your heart while true receiving requires your heart to already be open. At birth, we are all open but as we develop we appear to have become hardwired to be kind and generous as fear takes over and our natural generosity dries up. We therefore become prisoners of fear and the perceived need to survive especially in the present day society where a lot of people have become fraudulent and corrupt and even capable of killing for material acquisition. Giving may be a spiritual way of opening up a clear path for good to flow back to you but if you have receiving issues, then you circulate counterfeit currency in the form of lack and limitation and as a result develop self-cherishing consciousness and are caught up in what is known as “Scare City” syndrome whereby you allow yourself to receive only when you get desperate enough to pray or when the right conditions are met. This will end up limiting you in ways you would never have imagined, meanwhile you justify yourself as a giver and probably even compensate your flaws by over giving and quoting “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). Remember the golden standard remains “Being open to receive.” Giving and receiving are two sides of the same spinning coin and when one side is pressed flat on a table, circulation is interrupted.
You can convert counterfeit currency into spiritual capital through changing your thinking pattern despite the fact that negativity would have become ingrained.
*Begin each day by resolving to be an advocate for your strength and dreams.
*Every time your subconscious wants to lapse into lack and limitation, write down what you have to be thankful for. Do this every hour and after a few days, you will begin to notice a change.
*If you are fantasizing about a negative outcome, immediately stop and change the thought by giving it a positive outcome focusing on the yes outcome rather than thinking of all the possible reasons why you could be turned down.
*Shift your view of the world from what happened to me to what I am creating for the more vividly you can envision yourself as the prosperous and positive creator you are, the more powerful your intentions will be and share your stories with the intention that others can be inspired by them rather than making them into arguments for your limitations.
* Transform your belief in the adage “Hope for the best, expect the worst, and take what comes,” into a new, brighter guiding principle: “Envision love as an unstoppable force that creates great outcomes, be unattached to how your results look, and see only good.”
* Retire your unworthiness which although are not very easy to let go of for they are like addictions and illnesses with roots deep in our psyche. Be determined to acknowledge them, re-pattern the new beliefs of soul currency, retire the counterfeit currency and affirm they no longer have power over your life unless you invite them back and as you do so, draw the energy of respect into your heart.
A better approach is to invest the loving and healthy parts of your personality in what you choose to do. This creates truly authentic power and opens up a synchronistic flow of energy that supports your efforts, guides your life and brings you to a point of fulfillment.

Have a pleasant day and a fulfilled life as you read my Portable Lines.

Chinwe Ezeanya.

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