Box Bags: To Love and To Style!

If there’s anything one should know about recent trends, it’s that box bags are making a hit not only on the runway but on the streets, styled with glamorous outfits.

Luckily for us all, no box bag is the same. They come in their different varieties; colours, sizes, designer, embellishment and a bunch of other eye catching differences!

As a personal favourite of mine, I wish to share just how one can rock a box bag effortlessly without looking like a clueless fashion fail.

They can be chic or bohemian, classy or futuristic. it all depends on your interpretation of your bag and how you want to implement it into your outfit whilst still being you!

Be Classy.

A normal day out perhaps to an exclusive restaurant on a date or to that ‘classy’ office party. Well paired with an LBD, a suit or even an office dress, box bags are here to help.

Small enough to lug around and still endowed with sufficient space these beauties won’t be a problem except to  to warding off jealous colleagues.

Fifty Shades of Bright.

If sharp, eye catching bright colours appeal to you and cause all sorts of tingles in your spine, you’ll love these:

The Casual Manual.

Classy? Yes. Appealing? Check. But, box bags can also be dressed down.

With a simple pair of jeans or a plain T-shirt, they give your outfit a definite laid-back but confident vibe.

Bold Embellishments.


These are my favourites. I love anything unique and these meet the mark.

Party Girl Sparkle.

You love to glimmer and shine? Well say hello to these little friends that’ll amp up your sparkle level to a 100!

Embrace the trend and go get yourself one!


Photo Credit: Google Images.


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Kilali Godson is an aspiring author on Wattpad under the pen name ‘Rentotou’. She loves to read novels whilst sipping a cup of tea, legs perched on a chair.

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