Dairy of a Port Harcourt Housewife

I bid him welcome as I opened the door. 

“Welcome back Sweetheart” I said. 

“Thanks Bel, have the kids all gone to bed?”

“Yes, they’re fast asleep. Let me get your dinner”.

I was of upset but I didn’t have the energy to talk tonight. I was used to him coming home late by nature of his job as a Doctor but this sudden social life and all that went along with it wasn’t flowing with me. 

I don’t know if it’s midlife crisis that he’s going through, this sudden need to feel young and hang out at every given excuse. 

Perhaps I’m over reacting, 

Perhaps I am old fashioned

Perhaps I am bored

Perhaps I feel trapped or 

Perhaps I am insecure. 

He broke my thoughts as he asked if I wasn’t going to join him for dinner.

“No dear, have you forgotten I stopped eating after 7pm? You don’t look at me so you didn’t even notice I lost some weight, yet you were the one complaining about my weight”.

“I noticed but you know am still learning how to give compliments”. He said with a smile and a twinkle in his eyes. I have known this man long enough to know what he wants when he has that look in his eyes.

I am so not in the mood, I will apply delay tactics and ensure he’s asleep before I go to bed. Beside, this was typical of him not to offer any verbal apology or reason why he came home late, he would rather use sex as a way of apology. No way, it wasn’t going to work this time. 

My plan worked, he was fast asleep by the time I got to bed. I had to fold and sort out the laundry, then tidy up the kitchen, he was snoring softly by the time I was done from the bathroom.

We woke up to the sound of things crashing to the ground. It came from upstairs, my neighbours appeared to be fighting.

 I sat up, slightly frightened. “Willie, can you hear the noise from upstairs?” 

“They have been quarrelling” William said. 

I heard the unmistakable voice of my neighbour’s wife as she screamed, “you will go 6 feet under before you kill me.”

Her husband replied in their dialect, they were both from Delta. His reply was accompanied by something that sounded like a slap, then we heard her scream and something crashing. 

Someone was banging on a door inside their house, I guess it was the woman’s sister who lived with them. 

I checked the bedside clock, it was 6.27 am. It was a Saturday morning so the compound was quiet with neighbours still asleep, except for the other couple downstairs who seemed like they held vigils in their house every day. 

Suddenly I heard someone run down the stairs and another in hot pursuit. Then she started screaming Mummy Nathan, Mummy Nathan, open the door for me. Help me! 

I tried to get out of bed, to rush to the door. Willie grabbed hand “where do you think you are going?”

“She’s calling my name, that man will kill her in this compound”

“Bel, calm down. You can’t just rush out like that”

Willie was right, I remember the last time they fought like this, her brother who was supposed to be separating the fight actually got an iron bar to beat the man but for the intervention of the men in the compound. 

My husband put on a jeans and T-shirt and went out to see what was going on. By this time my next door neighbour Uncle Pastor was trying to talk to the man, I could see them from the window, she was disheveled and panting, cursing and trying to grab at her husband. 

Suddenly he threw a phone to the ground shouting, “you don’t understand! This woman is a prostitute! Which gym is she going to this early morning?” Then he turned to William and said,” my guy, she said she wants to start gym because she saw your wife going to the gym. This useless prostitute! I won’t give her the car key!”

“Is it not my car? What about you that carries anything in skirts? Because of you I can’t even keep a househelp in this house! Big for nothing idiot! Jobless man!” 

I cringe at the sound of the ugly and hurtful words these two hurl at each other, in public for that matter. 

Dear Diary this is so pathetic….. 

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