Broken- A short Anti-Rape Film by Tambere Mandela.

Broken, a short movie produced and directed by Tambere Mandela, tells a tale so old it is written in the land.


A tragic tale, or so it seems from afar.

To those of us who have no insight to the emotional, psychological and physical damage rape brings, it appears to be a distant nightmare we wish away from those we love.

Hence, Broken brings this old tale full of nightmares to your screen. The short movie features the life of a young girl living with her drunkard of an uncle due to financial problems.

 She not only has to bear the weight of living with a drunk, but then she has to crawl through the damage that rape brings. Most especially rape by a relative, by someone you know and love.

She suffers through the hurt like thousands of girls here in Nigeria; in the North, in the South, in the East, in the West and every corner of the earth. And unlike some of the victims she gathers enough courage, or is it fear that drives her to tell her story?

Fear that if she doesn’t speak out, some other girl will have to go through what she suffered. So listen to her experience and help us in the fight against rape of boys and girls, of toddlers and little babies and of old and young.

We drive this awareness against rape in hopes that this movie might open your eyes a little to the pain people have to suffer through.

Let’s stop destroying lives.


Watch the movie below:



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Kilali Godson is an aspiring author on Wattpad under the pen name ‘Rentotou’. She loves to read novels whilst sipping a cup of tea, legs perched on a chair.

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