Becoming Younger With Chinnie Iheanachor.

 Becoming Younger: The Natural Way 

Although ageing is a natural process, most of us age prematurely and suffer from degenerative diseases because of our unnatural lifestyle. Ageing is a gradual degeneration of the whole body. The rate of degeneration is mainly determined by lifestyle and not by chronological age. This degeneration can be slowed down and in most cases, reversed by following simple rejuvenation principles.

A lot of what we call ageing is really the outcome of repeated self-inflicted abuse of our body like lack of proper exercise, poor sleep patterns, stress, cigarette smoking, drinking excess alcohol, over exposure to sunlight. The major factor in ageing is faulty lifestyle. Correct your lifestyle and you can reverse the ageing process. Keep in mind that this process takes time as the body cannot reverse the effects of 20 – 30 years of faulty lifestyle overnight.

Staying younger involves several aspects:

  • Avoiding the sun: the most effective way of keeping your skin young is to avoid the sun. When sunlight strikes, the skin cells reacts with oxygen creating free radicals. These free radicals damage the skin cells causing premature ageing. If you have to go into direct sunlight, use a sunblock cream for maximum protection or use an umbrella. While in the University in Ghana, I was mocked often for using an umbrella when going in the sun but I didn’t mind because I was trying to maintain my skin from the harsh sun rays
  • Increase your vitamin C intake: lack of vitamin C is the major cause of destruction of collagen. Adequate vitamin C preserves collagen integrity and elasticity which results in tight, unwrinkled skin and a smooth healthy complexion. Juice and drink 4-6 oranges a day and watch your skin give you that youthful glow
  • Use Retin A cream to get rid of wrinkles: Retin A has been shown to reverse some of the ageing effects on the skin. Retin A stimulates new skin cell growth and fills the small creases and wrinkles of the skin. It initiates skin rejuvenation.

How to use Retin A:

Apply before going to bed and wash off in the morning.

Always use a sunblock cream of SPF 15 or more when going into direct sunlight.

Be patient, it takes about six months to work. Don’t use Retin A cream if you are pregnant or nursing.

  • Developing a strong immune system: the immune system fights diseases and infections which could otherwise cause premature ageing. Unless one makes radical changes in his/her lifestyle, the immune system will gradually lose its effectiveness. However, the following nutrients help boost the immune system:
  • Vitamin A {strengthens the immune system and helps the body fight cancer. It is found in nutritious, low-fat foods such as carrots, spinach, cabbage and tomatoes}
  • Vitamin C {is the most potent immune boosting vitamin. It enhances the production of the body’s defence chemical. It is richly found in the citrus family like oranges, tangerines, lemons etc…}
  • Vitamin E {is also an important immune booster which protects against infections and helps prevent cancer. Taking a capsule daily is essential for reversing the aging process}
  • Selenium and Zinc {these are important minerals for strengthening the immune system. Check for supplements which  contain these minerals before purchase}
  • Sufficient Deep Sleep: if you do not get enough sleep for just one night, you will know it immediately the next day from the way you feel and look. During deep sleep, nature restores and heals the body by eliminating toxins, tissue rebuilding & replenishing of enzymes. The nervous system including the brain is given a rest and the body is charged with energy. Sleep recharges the body’s batteries. The average adult requires 7 – 8 hours of sleep while children need more sleep since they need extra energy for growth.

Factors that enhance sufficient deep sleep:

  • Evening meal: your evening meal should be light. A heavy meal requires a lot of energy to digest hence energy is being used in digestion instead of being used for vitality and rejuvenation. Try spreading your food intake over several snacks during the day hence reducing the need for a large evening meal. Emphasize lots of vegetables in your evening meal as veggies are easy to digest. This produces a relaxed mood and aids sleep.
  • Fluid intake: do not drink too much fluid in the evening as too much fluid in the evening will cause you to get up during the night to relieve the bladder. Broken sleep disturbs the sleep cycle.
  • Exercise: it increases the circulation to the brain’s sleep centre hence increasing the amount of nutrients and oxygen to the centre. Exercise also releases stress.
  • Sleep time: the best quality of sleep is taken between the hours of sunset and midnight. The early hours of the evening produce the greatest rest and rejuvenation to the nervous system and the rest of the body.
  • Bed and Bedroom: ensure that your windows are open while sleeping. The sleep centre in the brain operates better when it has fresh oxygen supply. Closed windows circulate stale air in the bedroom and stale air consists mainly of carbon dioxide which tends to displace the dwindling supply of oxygen in the room. The brain demands more oxygen than any other organ in the body.

A firm bed aids a better night’s sleep while a bed which sags is detrimental to the back. If your bed is soft and you cannot afford to get a firm bed, simply place a flat wooden board in between the base and the mattress. Every two weeks, after you change your sheets, you should turn the mattress around from head to foot. This allows a more even distribution of weight on the mattress instead of the same heavy weight of the pelvis on the same area of the bed.


Try these tips and start renewing your age…… More tips to a younger you in our next edition.

Healthy People….y Nation…….


Chinenye (Chinnie) Ihenachor holds a BA in Psychology and Sociology from the university of Ghana, Legon, Accra Ghana and an MBA in international Healthcare Management from the University of Aberdeen Scotland. She is the founder of Diabeticare International Foundation. Chinnie is passionate about educating people on healthy living and clean eating. Chinnie enjoys reading, cooking and helping people. She resides in Port Harcourt and can be reached on or

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