5 Fashion Trends That Need To Stick Around This 2017 and 5 That Need To Go

2016 was the year for the fashion industry, at least they got something good out of that year, but  thank God it’s a new year. It’s time to organise your wardrobes and get rid of certain stuff in there.

Here’s a list of 5 fashion trends that need to stay and 5 trends that can walk themselves out of your wardrobes.

IN: Chokers always had brief moments since its arrival in the 90s, we don’t plan on letting it go this time


IN: Mom jeans are very comfortable pair of jeans and we all know its all fun and games until your skinny jeans don’t fit anymore.


IN: Velvet was one of 2016’s hottest trends. It was everywhere and in everyone’s wardrobe, except mine *sighs*. Be it velvet dresses, shoes or bags, as long as it velvet its staying.


IN: Athleisure is a fusion of sports and day wear, we’re totally in love with this style.


IN: Fishnet tights are here to stay, you can wear this with almost anything and still pull it off.


OUT: Heels four to five inches or higher  …we all seek comfort


OUT: Clear boots are really interesting shoes, but when we think about the cons of wearing this shoe we think it’s time to let go.


OUT: Skinny jeans  I mean… why not?


OUT: Peep- toe- wedges in this 2017?? no please


OUT: Counterfeit hand bags … no


Angel is a content developer at Eveafrique Magazine, other than eating a lot and listening to music, she loves drawing and reading.

5 thoughts on “5 Fashion Trends That Need To Stick Around This 2017 and 5 That Need To Go”

    1. Thank you so much for reading this article.I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, I was referring to counterfeit bags not the designer. Celine is here to stay forever

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