Nigeria is becoming Unbecoming

Nigerians in general are strong people with a good sense of humour, this has helped us to survive our current hardship, if not for this I don’t know what condition a typical Nigerian citizen will be in, depression will be felt from the streets, the tears we let flow at night will become a daily activity, our cries will be heard everywhere.

It amazes me how a country rich in natural resources, labour and so many more is yet to be developed. I genuinely wonder the kind of Nigeria I’ll be bringing my future children into, crime rates increase and are gradually becoming a norm because of the struggle to survive.

People who don’t have rich relatives to ask for support are on their own, the poor have no friends, our government only remembers us when they want our votes, they don’t see what we’re going through after all they’ve stored money which will be enough to take care of generations, they send their children abroad, they go for medical treatments abroad, if you’ve really done a good job why do you need to leave Nigeria to satisfy your needs? Despite all this they have the audacity to say whatever we consume in Nigeria in terms of music and films, must be made in Nigeria.

We don’t have anyone to trust or look up to in our government because as far as we our concerned they’re all the same, they continuously fill us with false hopes and empty promises, so many lies just to wire dollars, euros and pounds into their accounts and you expect us to vote? I understand we have to be aware and involved in what’s going on in our government but what’s the point of voting in the same character in a different body?

Let us assume my generation will be better leaders, do you realise how much we have to fix? How much dirt we have to clean from our name? Our “leaders” have destroyed Nigeria for us and we the young ones who “aren’t wise enough to rule a nation” will have to fix your mess.

Let’s talk about how we were promised a monorail, how we were promised the Naira being equivalent to the United States of America Dollar, how politicians find it easy to blame each other for their mistakes instead of providing solutions or ways to correct the mistakes, they always abandon their predecessor’s projects and start new projects, just looking for ways to embezzle funds.

After reading a breakdown of the 2017 budget it annoys me to pieces that my parents pay their tax, our problem is our government, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”, we have no choice but to watch these people embarrass us and fill us with regret, people are scared to speak out, when we do speak out death threats are sent our way… this is the kind of country we live in… what/ who exactly will save us?

Angel is a content developer at Eveafrique Magazine, other than eating a lot and listening to music, she loves drawing and reading.

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