EveAfrique’s WCW: Happy Birthday Margaret Tom Nsikan!!!


For today’s woman crush Wednesday I celebrate a great and exceptional woman, Margaret Tom Nsikan, as she celebrates 50.

Fifty never looked so chic!!


Sis, fifty already??? God is amazing isn’t he? Too many joyous moments with you, but I can never forget or ignore a very lonely period in my life’s journey (my wedding season) where you always popped up at the right time to direct and redirect affairs, you were God’s angel sent specially to me at that time.

Not many people know how you orchestrated 70% of the planning and the arrangements, you always stopped by to ask me questions with solutions in tow. Today sis, I say thank you , I look at you every Christmas season for the past how many years where I have to canvass the nooks and crannies of Port Harcourt on your behalf delivering goodies to folks, friends’ mums and countless aunties, LOL.

 I must have their numbers saved, both wealthy and indigent, wherever you may be in the world and I wonder what manner of girl is this?

Our telephone conversations are usually a time of lessons for me.

My deliberate sister and friend, today it gives me much joy to have this opportunity to let you know how much I love you and how I appreciate the acceptance of the Odoko Family as a family member.

 Many happy returns Kiko, life has only just begun, enjoy!!!


Ivy is the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of EveAfrique, News and Lifestyle Magazine. She considers herself a “Social Change Agent” and is passionate about Africa, Nigeria South South.

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