Announcing the 2024 EveAfrique Redball, May 19,2024, Abuja, Nigeria.


The organisers of the EveAfrique Annual Red Ball are pleased to announce the 14th RedBall in Support of Causes.

The event is scheduled to take place on the 19th of May, 2024 in Abuja, under the theme “Cultivating Progress in the Niger Delta: A Shared Responsibility.”

In selecting Abuja as the host city for the 14th Red Ball, we hold a firm belief that the time has come for the privileged and blessed Niger Delta indigenes to step forward and unite in support of the mission of overall regional enhancement.

These individuals, whom we believe possess the capacity and aptitude to facilitate positive change in the Niger Delta, can contribute through education, employment, financial support, and awareness initiatives. Their collective efforts will play a pivotal role in fortifying the diverse industries within the Niger Delta, thus fostering growth and prosperity throughout the region.

The EveAfrique Redball has been a significant platform for raising awareness about various health issues and giving back to the state and the region, we invite you to partner with and support Eve Afrique in making the 14th Red Ball an even more impactful and far-reaching event.

We firmly believe in your understanding and appreciation of the profound difference that giving back to society can make. Your qualities and those of your esteemed organisation resonate with the spirit of this noble endeavour. Thus, we kindly extend an invitation to join us as a partner of the 2024 EveAfrique Redball in Abuja.

The theme of this year’s Red Ball, “Cultivating Progress in the Niger Delta: A Shared Responsibility,” highlights the collective commitment needed for regional growth and development. It underscores the significance of sharing knowledge and resources with the people of the Niger Delta, empowering them to make informed decisions and actively participate in the region’s progress.

EveAfrique has successfully built a community of leaders and trailblazers across various industries.

Over the years, EveAfrique has hosted the Red ball which has drawn attention in various areas concerning health, environments and leadership. We’ve had leading agencies and organisations such as Heritage bank, Fidelity Bank, NDDC, Rivers state Government under the Ministry of health; Rivers State Primary Health Care Board, and DANALEC, ALCON Nigeria,Supreme and Mitchels, Elschon Nig, Ideascorp etc. come on board as Redball Partners.

Eve Afrique has undertaken outreaches as a give back to the society. The outreaches carried out includes;

In 2011, the Red ball visited Susannah Homes, an orphanage outside Port Harcourt with food items as a means of showing love to them.

In 2012 the Red ball hosted the Sickle Cell Awareness program in partnership with the Sickle cell interactive and management association (SCIMA). The highlight of the event was the adoption of a child with sickle cell anaemia by a partner, Stephano Piotti.

In 2013, it was the cervical cancer awareness and prevention in partnership with the Medical Women Association and the Praying and charity wives’ foundation, where over 130 women benefited from the cervical cancer screening and immunisation.

In 2014, another Red ball was hosted by the magazine tagged “Diabetic Management Awareness and Prevention in partnership with Diabetic Association of Nigeria. 40 people were tested for their sugar levels during the Event.

In 2015, impacting the Next Generation was the theme and it was geared toward educating young entrepreneurs and aligning them with mentors, over 200 of the books “15 laws of money” by Ifeanyi Eze were distributed as a tool to mentor them. The event had eminent leaders like Tina Njoku Opara, Doris Akpowa and Alex Enebeli amongst others as Speakers.

In 2016, Red ball held another awareness program for prostate cancer where 20 men were beneficiaries and 15 of these 20 were partnered by Red ball partners Steph foundation with Colwoth Hospital, we also tackled erectile malfunction at the 2016 Redball and we partnered with Dr. Adekunle of Scanners.

In 2017, Eveafrique hosted the Woman and her MUSTs in partnership with Mireya. It was an epoch event which centred on Leadership. Eminent women in Leadership including Timipre Worlo, Dr Chizoba Wonodi and Kalanne Fubara, Director Africa International Operations of Dubai Tourism. were Speakers at the event.

In 2018, it was the colon cancer awareness which called the attention of the public to the disease at that time.

In 2019, the theme was “going greener” with the main focus on the environment and air pollution. The event was in collaboration with environmental NGOs such as Africa Center for Environmental Protection, Clean Cyclers, to promote good environment stewardship through dissemination. This led us in planting over 780 trees within and outside Port Harcourt.

The 2020 Red ball was cancelled due to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent Lockdown a few days prior to the event.

In 2021, Eve Afrique hosted her Red ball with the theme “Together Securing Development and Peace Across the Niger Delta”. This event focused on the socio-economic empowerment activities in Niger Delta.

In 2022, The 12th Red ball focused on raising awareness of a silent killer “Lupus” and educating the public on how to manage and care for victims of this health challenge which has no cure. This Red Ball was in collaboration with the Princess Medical Center and Marie Thereze Aouad Lupus Foundation Emi Membere-Otaji Foundation.

In 2023, the 13th Red Ball with the theme Mental health Awareness and Management for the Niger Delta People, facts and Myths” focused on power our mental health has over our daily activities and wellness as a whole, and as a result of this the importance of passing on the knowledge from certified and recognised professionals to our Niger Delta women and men.

The EveAfrique brand continues to celebrate the milestones and impact the Red Ball for Charity Initiative has had on the Niger Delta and society at large. The theme this year focuses on our shared responsibility with govt and govemment agencies in the overall development of our people and her land, which we can all agree is an important aspect that should never be neglected.

The awards and entertainment gala, which will take place in Abuja, Nigeria, will include the presentation of the prestigious “HEART OF GOLD” award to individuals who have made significant strides in areas such as human rights protection, peaceful dispute resolution, sustainable development in the Niger Delta region, and good governance.