Celebration of Womanhood of Mrs PERITA KENNETH WARISO (Née Young Harry )


Mrs.PERITA KENNETH WARISO of the family of chief Jim Wariso War -Canoe House in Opobo Kingdom does her Egerebite and Bibite Ceremony .

According to the Opobo kingdom customs and tradition, a woman who hasn’t done the Egerebite and Bibite also known as Nwagbede (womanhood) cannot tie 2 wrappers like the Bibite (George Wrapper).

After about a month or more of the iriabo staying in the fattening room during the celebration ceremony , on the 7th day , which is the day she makes her first public appearance her body is designed specially with a black paint called uri .

After the body designs are done by 7 she’ll then be dressed in Kala-Egerebite and kilali then her family friend and visitors can now come in and examine to check if she’s properly dressed.

On the second day, the Iriabo would go to Church to give thanks to God for seeing her through the seven days in the fattening room, her Egerebite and Bibite Ceremony and the safe journey of her guests, family and friends throughout this period.

After the Thanksgiving, hefty men carried her like a queen on the Ikasi, (oche Onye -Mmbede), (Mmbede chair) which was placed on their shoulders round the community, to her husband’s house and every other place she wanted to visit or great someone at before taking her back to the Arena. For the Bibite ceremony will take place and the Iriabo would dance and change her wrapper as many times as she wishes.

Perita’s Nwagbede ceremony was very heartwarming and successful with guests coming in from all over the world like she came in from the U.S. We wish her and her dear husband Senibo Kenneth Wariso and family safe travels back to their base.