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Dairy of a Middle aged woman part3

By Eveafrique, 5:33am

Dear Diary, it has been one week of Dates and Dates. Otumba Demola Sode, my new found friend has mesmerized the breath out of me with very very few words. Not that we have discussed the relationship in any way, but, my heart is warm with all this attention.

After that music Saturday, I got a phone call asking for lunch at this exotic restaurant that just opened, the restaurant was in my work and I had followed it’s progress and was green with envy on the opening as I passed by, I grabbed the offer without a second thought, na who posing help sef, besides I don’t have much food at home and the children are at my sister’s.

After that lunch, there were two more dates, within the week o! it was like Otumba has a peep into my heart, how does he manage to address the issues on my wish list? The venues for our Dates were well thought out, exotic and exclusive. And the conversations nko? We talked, no, not talk, we gist and gist like old friends, revealing our fears and disappointments on the journey of life to one another. Again we laughed a lot!!!!!! My intellect has been pricked by our conversations such that I found myself referring to him on two reports I had to write, hahahahahaha, my Boss even gave me a funny look this week…. as in my reports have never been this well articulated she said.

I wonder how we find what to laugh at, I am free spirited I know, but Otumba is, em, how do I put it now/ He is not just stern looking but he appears to be very reserved, did I tell you he always thanks me after every date for bringing laughter into his life? He said laughter is a rare commodity in his life.


Where did I get the feeling that this was going to be more than pure friendship by th way? Because our conversations have not gone that direction at all.

Hahahahaha, mtschew, the weekend is here again, I declined an invite to visit a golf turf, biko, lemme go and hang out with the girls, we have an emergency sef, we hear that Ruth’s husband who only moved out the other week got married traditionally by that weekend. I mean, who does that ? he left the house on Sunday on grounds of imcompartibility after Ruth has opned up her network for him to thrive in his business, only for him o to get married by Saturday. How can someone be this sneaky?, mean? And what other word can I use to describe this level of evil? The same story over and over again, what is a girl supposed to do? Watch her partner whine away is despondence? …… you know a woman feels so robbed after investing so much and the man still leaves, little wonder some women go on and empower just themselves while society judges her.

Well, we will be sitting this out with our girl friend as a wounded soilder this weekend to help ease the pain of this irrepairable loss.

Wish us success.

©️ Eveafrique

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