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Diary of a Middle Aged woman page 12

by Eveafrique Business and News 

Dear Diary!!!

It has been a most exasperating time I have had since I came to you. The point behind keeping a diary has been eroded don’t you think

…Will it be possible to remember the fine details of the past five weeks? and or will it be easy to forget the pains that came from the wounds of the past five weeks on the other hand?

Joy and pain are two extremes, You cannot truly forget their encounters no matter how time passes.

So where do I start? Hahaha…

For starters I have finally resigned my employment and have since started my life long dream of running my own company. A Printing Press, a parting gift from Otumba, after quite some drama, yes o, you heard me right. Bitter relief I say…that short, intense, bitter and sweet immense relationship i had that has left deep marks on my Body, my Heart and soul, i am grateful that my Spirit has remained indefatigable.

Also, I asked that my children return back from my sister’s. No, I am not using them as an emotional buffer to take the damages of abruptly ending my intense relationship with Otumba though God knows their presence aptly serves the purpose. I can truly say my condolence visit to Halima opened my eyes to much more than I earlier wanted to acknowledge in my life, also the time away from Otumba and reduced mental activity gave me ample space to look away from my struggles to see and appreciate the finer things of life.

I decided to rededicate my time and heart to church and it’s affairs. Yes, Church always bears the brunt of the Burns from our misdemeanours. You see, some things can never be right though they feel good…. how can something so wrong feel so right….? Atlantic Star’s hits song” Secret Lovers” succinctly captured the motions of these movements….

Church is where I ran to trying to hit off all the pain, shame and regrets including bitter sweet motions I am going through at the moment. Did someone out there say Churches do no work apart from coercing offerings out of gullible worshippers? Hmmmm…. do I not beg to differ? I beg to differ please! It is my Pastor’s preachings that has managed to keep my head on my neck and prevented me from running into the car in front of me several times in the past five weeks… unbeknown to him sef…Hahaha….

Dear Diary, am not laughing yet believe me, but I am resolute, there is more to life than what i am feeling I say to myself, I must remain strong for my children, my friends who love me so much, I must not fall their hand, my sister who depends on the strength I bring. My dear Diary, we have a lot to talk about and ponder on.

Mischew, btw, did I mention that my former husband is crying to come back to me and the children? He even knelt down in front of my family at our annual Christmas day lunchon, indeed Drama no dey finish.

I looked at him and wonder if he knows that a lot has changed within me. Can he handle the new Me? Coming from my immediate past experience? A lot has changed, I doubt if he has any inkling of my transformation, or does he have? He used to be quite a sneaky and manipulative person.

But, who knows, he may have transformed just like me…

Hmmmm….Dear Diary my schedule has changed, as CEO now the full buck begins and ends with me so i need to catch some sleep…we definitely will talk soonest..

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Art: @fatherkilali

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