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Diary of a middle aged woman Page 13

by Eveafrique Business and News 

Dear Diary,

Most times I wonder where time went . Here I am a 55 year old woman in a 45 year old body and dress sense but with the heart of a 25 year old.


I do not feel old though I cannot deny that time has passed , I mean what year was I a young girl in secondary school? I do not even think I have grown past that girl majorly . Most times I wonder if this girlish spirit is a blessing or something I don’t wanna name . Hmmm , yeah, when I come across some of my class mates from secondary school, their appearances does shock me , like Priscilla who I met the other day at the market . But are they not the realists as opposed to this person that I find I am ?


They seem to have faced the realities of life square on and fallen straight into the stereotype or what do you think ?


I on the other hand seemed to have carried on with the spirit of the little girl I was , happy, so lucky , refusing to carry the full weight of the challenges of life and where did it get me to ?


My take today is life is serious business, I shall endeavor to converge a meeting of my co-old girls to convey my findings to them .




These days it is a lot of introspecting and retrospecting for me work aside . I thank my stars that my schedule is tight and full , how would I have coped?


The break up with Otumba broke me to tiny bits I must confess. What was I thinking I wonder? I shouldn’t have gone down that road in the first place, but I enjoyed it majorly though , what a paradox, 24 times in the day I go to his online space to send a massage , to recall the sack ,sack , sack , then I remember his body language during the sack. He seemed ready for it , did he get to that place before me? Was this a game after all ? I heard these things are systematic and this is how it works . Oh my! What was I thinking???


As usual it takes all of my strength and balance dignity to bring myself to order and focus , this I do 24 times in every day.

How would my grown up version handle this ? I must be strong , the pain and shame can be overwhelming but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do !


What do you think…..??

As accountant and CEO I got some work to do , I must make money while crying , I cannot afford to be crying and losing money at the same time .

Again what do you think?

Hahahaha …… ciao!


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Artwork by; @fatherkilali

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