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by Mitchelle Uzorka

Dear Diary,


Hahahaha, so I get to catch my breath after an almost 10 months intense period where I have been trying to set up my business and lay a strong foundation for it.

This initiative simple as it seems is quite intense for a woman my age landing in the entrepreneurial space for the first time. Sometimes I feel very overwhelmed but I am encouraged by a voice I heard over the radio admonishing retirees who usually fall under the 60-70 years bracket on the urgent need to take on entrepreneurship, the Voice presented a detailed analysis on why and how that was a productive age bracket, because, I was driving that day I recall packing at a conducive place to pay full attention to this analysis.

I have always been intrigued by the story of Abraham and his rise to stardom from such an obscure place that he was in. This radio speaker shed lights on this Abrahamic factor that wowed me. This accidental happenstance has become my elixir as I push through with my new business.

Let me step aside from acada talk ojare, yesterday was Otumba’s birthday.

I had found myself suddenly conscious of that fact weeks leading to yesterday which gave me the needed break to reminisce, it also spurred me towards you dear diary. Hahaha, yes o, almost anything is an inspiration for a middle aged woman.. You’ll say.

As the day drew nigh i began to wonder what to do, do I ignore it as he ignored mine?

I chided myself for even remembering, am I still hooked to that sweet season of my life?

What do I do?

Should I send a bottle of wine? What will happen to me if I ignore it?

A myriad of thoughts slept and woke up with me.

My ecosystem was under attack!

My thoughts were drifting off every now and then. My palpitations were increasing, I go to his contacts six times in a day and return without taking any action.

I am a loving and giving person I thought to myself and not too many people have intentionally indulged me the way that man did, I recall a relationship similar to this which I had before i got married. It was so beautiful, so empowering, unfortunately, I woke up one morning to receive news of the death of that my Beloved…. Hmmnn….. Story for another day.

Back to Now, my dillema continued, how do I manage Otumba’s birthday? The man who only a few moons ago rocked my world to stupor levels so heartwarningly, I remember vividly how he celebrated me on my last birthday before the fall of the wall of jericho…. Some people have skills believe me.

I’ll tell you what I did after my dinner but before you hear it what do you think I should have done??

We broke up
My birthday passed without a word from him.
He rocked my world from top to bottom.
He has two wives already.
I am middle aged.



©️ Eveafrique Production

Art Work by Fatherkilali

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