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Diary of a middle aged woman part4

By Eveafrique, 95:35am

Dear Diary, The past weekend was fun in spite of the pain in our hearts, we went to Ruth’s to pour our pain, fears and hopes out , the audience was discerning because our challenges had the same basic color, we dey look for love….All six of us had landed Ruth’s house for the weekend with different types of soups and all manner of Finger food, these are girls skilled in culinary arts na, trust Clara to bring along two boxes of our favorite red wine, Lamothe Parrot and some bottles of Macalan.

I can swear I saw Ruth’s neighbours peeping and I imagine them wondering what is up, because our arrival was like a tsunami….yes our glory is that turbulent and beautifully infectious.

Ruth has been married for almost twenty –five years though the marriage unfortunately did not produce children. Nevertheless there was always a Niece or younger Cousin in residence with them, and as commited Believers , whatever the crack there was as a result if their childlessness didn show easily, Ruth and Esosa seemed to be at peace with their predicament.

Though Ruth had a child before marriage, a young man now , himself about to get married , Esosa dint show any much signs of frustration, that is why this sudden move of his was quite a shocker, We hear the young lady in question is pregnant and about seven months gone, these things we see in Nigerian movies is here with us live!

Presently, Ruth seems unprepared to react, …..i mean, what is this, these two do a lot of stuff together, their business ventures are jointly owned, early in the marriage Ruth had brought in her vast high worth network , Esosa brought his dexterity and together they had built a successful business, what’s going to happen to all their joint properties and Investments??? I hope my friend wont loose her mind over this one…..this is big I tell you.

Calm looking, bookwoomish, always on his laptop, we hear Esosa met this babe on facebook…….Facebook o…..ha! He and Ruth were always together so when did he find the time to court this girl to the point of pregnancy biko somebody help me understand this matter…true, true, wahala dey like bicycle.
This pregnancy which is not a surrogacy of any form na him pikin? Diagnosed of Oligospermia, all corrective measures has not yielded any result prior to now and he was very averse to surrogacy, so what is happening here, I hope it is not a case of the age old trick of giving another person thing to the highest bidder.

Well, we gisted, laughed, cried, and yabbed Esosa silly hahahahaha, what else can we do. Ruth loves her husband, you could read her heart from her eyes, she had settled for forever hearafter, she is quite unhappy but she is a strong girl, I hope this wound heals. She said she has no plans to fight him on any front, wow…..,her thoughts are on how to pick up her life from this point.

We leave to our different offices Monday morning with me wondering why this wicked man left at this time, why didn’t he leave earlier, when the sparkle was still in her eyes, when her laughter reverberated any atmosphere you found her, why didn’t he leave when my friend was still a party spirit, having caged her free spirit he takes a walk out to where did he say sef??

Wetin dem say wahala be like again sef???????….lemme go to work jor…meanwhile where is otumba btw


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