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Different types of Hats and How to incorporate them in your outfits

By Mitchelle Uzorka


Firstly, wearing a hat isn’t all that difficult. Plop it on your head, and you’re good to go. It’s not how you wear a hat necessarily but what you pair with your hat, it’s the outfit itself.

If you’re wondering what are the different types of hats available, what kind of hat you should wear, and how to style that hat in an outfit, then keep reading and you may see what you’ve been looking for!

Summer Hats

In the summer you’re given the Free pass to bring out your most wide-brimmed sun hat! Wide-brimmed hats make wearing a hat in the summer so much fun! So don’t be embarrassed, be confident!

When putting together summer outfits with hats the three things to remember is color, balance, and proportions. Since the summer and spring, hats are usually light in color consider how your clothes will either match or contrast the hat. If your hat is neutral you could wear neutral colors in your clothes so it all coordinates.

Beanie Hat

Beanies don’t only keep our ears really warm they’re also a real cool winter accessory to have and can be worn in many different ways.

colorful beanie can be amazing and a nice way to add a pop of color and liveliness in winter. You can wear it with a coat in the same color, contrast it with other colors in your outfit or you can also try adding it to an all black or white look to bring in some color.

Baseball Hat

Baseball cap was first brought into existence by a baseball team. That team was the Brooklyn Excelsiors and the year was 1860. But it was another half a century before the concept fully took off.

“[Today] it plays to the wider trend of sportswear infusing contemporary wardrobes,” says Nick Paulson-Ellis, founder of online sportswear store The Sports Edit. “Combine this with the influence of hip-hop figures like Jay-Z and his much beloved New York Yankees cap, celebrities wearing them incognito, and even Gucci adding upscale versions to recent catwalk shows, and it’s plain to see why the baseball cap will always have a place as a staple menswear accessory.”

More than just being a way of avoiding forcibly squinting at the sun, the right style can also add some personality to a bog standard shorts and T-shirt look On warmer days down at the beach or in the beer garden, use your cap to tie your outfit together by picking one in the same colour as another part of your outfit – be it your shirt or your sandals. Just make sure your chosen topper also goes with the other layers in your bag.

Fedora Hats

Love it or hate it, the fedora hat is here to stay. Back in the day when more formal dress codes and hat wearing were de rigueur, you’d be hard-pressed to find any man of style leaving home without one.

A fedora is a type of hat characterized by a pliable brim — usually two to three inches wide — and an indented crown with a center crease pinched on both sides. Although originally constructed from fur felt such as beaver felt, most fedoras today are made of wool felt.

You can style your Fedora with baggy Trouser, Gorgeous statement necklace and white top. Colorful combination of sweater style coat.

Beret Hat

So, you’re trying to style a beret. Seen the traditional French hat on the likes of Bella Hadid, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell and now keen to style one yourself? You’re in the right place.

Fun fact: berets, in one form or another, have been around since at least the 19th century, and have been worn pretty much ever since. Originally a felt, round-crowned design worn by the French and Spanish militaries, it’s had a bit of a fashion revamp in recent years and is now a slick way to take simple outfit up a notch. Jeans and t-shirt? Add a beret. Casual dress that needs a little extra something? May we present you with, said beret. Even a more dressy heels and skirt look – go on, add a beret!






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