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Entrepreneur Mindset; Getting the most out of Employees

by Mitchelle Uzorka 

Your employees are your most valuable asset, and managing them well enough to get the best experience from them is up to you.

Check out some tips on how to better manage your people.

• Foster good communication

Open and honest communication is at the heart of a happy and productive workplace. Start by explaining to your employees your company’s vision, goals and plans for achieving them. Focus especially on clear communication in times of change or uncertainty.

• Recognize your team’s value

Consider rewarding employees for things like meeting goals, contributing to innovation and helping you recruit new talent. Rewards can include performance bonuses and/or non-financial perks your employees will appreciate, such as a company dinner or concert tickets.

• Train and develop your team

Training and developing your employees makes them more productive and engaged. It also helps attract and retain skilled workers—a growing issue as the population ages.

Don’t focus only on formal, classroom-style training. Also explore semi-formal learning such as mentoring, job-shadowing and focused reading. Reinforce training with opportunities for workers to apply their new skills on the job.

• Empower them with the best technology

People often spend hours on tasks that can be automated or highly sped up with technology. Most of the time, it’s actually cheaper to pay for things like calendar automation than it is to schedule meetings manually. There are solutions for many things today that you might not even know exist.

Take a look at the tasks employees are doing, especially the monotonous ones that bother them. Spending the time to find solutions that can automate or speed up those tasks will not only make them more productive, but also a lot happier.

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