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Entrepreneur Mindset; Personal Growth

by Mitchelle Uzorka 

Let’s start by defining a personal growth mindset. A personal growth mindset involves embracing the idea that challenges are meant to be overcome and every opportunity (positive or negative) presents a chance to grow.

Personal growth in business consists of strengthening self esteem, building confidence, honing a belief in ones ability and valuevalue, understanding strengthsstrengths, improving communication skills, creating a compelling and inspiring vision, as well as learning how to set healthyhealthy work and client boundaries.


How To Implement A Personal Growth Mindset At Your Company;

If you’re looking to incorporate a personal growth plan in your organization (and after reading this article, I hope you’re convinced of the value), consider the following suggestions.

• Put it in writing;

Create a written plan to hold yourself accountable and put time on your calendar to chip away at growth mindset goals. Take the same discipline you apply to other areas in your life — like never missing a daily workout — and apply that dedication to your personal growth.


• Find a time commitment that works for you;

People often ask how I have time to dedicate to personal growth. For me, it’s because I listen to books on Audible. Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting unrealistic goals. Maybe reading one book per month isn’t realistic for you. What about 10 minutes a day? Or two audiobooks per month? Set yourself up for success by committing to an obtainable goal.


• Collaborate to create accountability;

Hopefully, you won’t go through this journey alone, and you can find others in your company to forge a bond with and help hold each other accountable.


• Be Enthusiastic;

Enthusiasm goes hand in hand with a personal growth mindset. When you stay curious, you don’t fall into a fixed mindset. Make why and how frequent parts of your vocabulary, and commit to an “always be learning” mindset — even if you’ve reached the pinnacle of your career.


Encouraging and cultivating a culture that pursues personal growth alongside business growth is a recipe for multiple levels of success.



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