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Fashion mistakes most people make

By Mitchelle Uzorka

We agree that sometimes fashion could be about creating your own style, But while creating your style, little things can ruin your efforts.


Whether forgetting to launder your outfit or allowing your underwear show through your outfit, a fashion mistake can completely ruin an otherwise great outfit.

Check this out;

• Wearing the wrong footwear for an occasion;

Office shoes, gym shoes, hangout shoes, you need the right shoe for every occasion in your closet to avoid making this mistake. You should know not to wear your gym shoes to a dinner party, neither should you wear your party shoes when you’re going hiking.


• Too much revealing;
There is nothing wrong with attractive sexy looks, but you must definitely make them with taste.
A lot of exposed skin may be inappropriate, especially in more modest settings.
A dress or a skirt that is too short and tight will never look stylish, but an open top/dress or a leg slit on the dress will emphasize the body shape favorably.
• Bling Overload;
Playing up your outfit with a couple of carefully chosen pieces of jewelry is a definite DO and I really admire women who have a talent for mixing and matching and are always capable of pulling off a new trend perfectly. Over-doing it, however, is downright one of the worst fashion mistakes out there and probably something you’ll want to make sure to avoid, unless you really have a knack for keeping the Christmas spirit strong all year long. Wait…strike that… looking like a Christmas tree is never a good way… well… that’s pretty much it!
• Wearing Socks With Sandals;
Why would you ever need socks with sandals? Sandals are for cool comfort and ventilation. Putting a thick layer of fabric between you and nature defeats the whole purpose. Dude, it’s senseless and an all-around bad look. Seriously, if it’s that cold out, just bite the bullet and put on a pair of shoes.
• Wearing Wrinkled Clothes;
Looking like you slept in your clothes isn’t fashion forward. It’s also inappropriate for the office and will certainly not impress your date. If you take just a few minutes to iron your clothes and hang them up, then you’ll always be ready to hit the town in style.

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