Fashion mixed with Style by dD


dD is a bespoke fashion label from an Image Consultancy/lifestyle entrepreneur which comprises of Fashion photography, Events management, Luxury car rentals.

dD custom, designs and creates Exclusive bespoke clothing items for men and Ladies.

Guided by the slogan ” NEVER BLEND IN ” they have been able to create some purely original custom designs with a Western yet Ethnic approach which includes refreshing concepts like WOKET (aka the woko jacket), INDIAN-DON TOP, COLLARED ETIBO.


dD pride themselves on the genuine effort they put in to replicate the best possible fashion expression for all clients.

dD gradual development of all aspects of it’s productions processes, paves the way for projections possibilities of quality, comfort, and durability.

Check out pictures from dD annual customer appreciation, photo shoot, newline exclusive viewing and cyber launch.

dD by Distinguished Options, addressing true bespoke fashion desires, one client at a time.
_Never blend in_