Former President Goodluck Jonathan Honored As ‘Symbol Of Peace’ Among Africa’s Notable Peace Icons


Former President Goodluck Jonathan recently received the esteemed ‘Symbol of Peace’ award as part of the inaugural edition of the ‘100 Most Notable Peace Icons in Africa’ recognition.

The award was presented to him by the project team behind the ‘100 Most Notable Peace Icons in Africa’ initiative during a ceremony held at the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation in Abuja.

Ambassador Kingsley Amafibe, the Project Director for Africa, explained that the award was a tribute to Jonathan’s unwavering dedication to preserving Nigeria’s peace and unity, even in the face of predictions of potential disintegration.

He said, “How can we describe a man who sacrifices for the peace we enjoy today in Nigeria. We can not forget your contribution towards education, empowerment, and peaceful society.

‘Honouring you as a symbol of peace has given rise to a possible future for young leaders in Africa. Join us to celebrate the Nigeria Former President His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, as one of the 100 Most Notable Peace Icons Africa Africa 2023. Congratulations”