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Funeral activity of Dr. Ekine Oruwari Owukori in Port Harcourt.

The burial activities and funeral service of Dr. Ekine Owukori Oruwari were deeply rooted in the customs and traditions of the Kalabari people, honoring his life and legacy in a manner befitting of their cultural heritage.

Dressed in beautiful Kalabari outfits, Dr. Oruwari’s children and grandchildren paid tribute to their father and grandfather, showcasing their respect and admiration for him through their attire. Traditional rites were carried out with solemnity and reverence, as the community gathered to bid farewell to a beloved member.

At his residence, where Dr. Oruwari lay in state, mourners had the opportunity to pay their final respects, with traditional forklows accompanying the solemn procession. This ceremonial gesture allowed his people to honor his memory one last time before his final journey.

The funeral service, held at the Wesley Methodist Church, provided a platform for Dr. Oruwari to receive his last respects from the congregation. Members of the church, including the Patrons and Wesley Men association, paraded in his honor, symbolizing their appreciation for his contributions to the community. In a touching moment, the pastor offered words of comfort and encouragement to the grieving family, urging them to remain strong and find solace in their faith.

As the day drew to a close, the family hosted a reception at Aztech, marked by grandeur and celebration. With soul-stirring music filling the air, guests were treated to elegant entries and captivating dance performances, reflecting the joy and love shared among family and friends. Amidst the festivities, the spirit of Dr. Oruwari lived on, remembered with fondness and cherished memories.

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