Glasses Raised to the Niger Delta woman as she celebrates the 2023 IWD


Innovation and Technology for gender equality which focuses on the role of Innovative technology in promoting gender equality and meeting the health and developmental needs of women and girls is a MUST .

As we adorn ourselves in purple which signifies royalty and green which signifies fruitfulness or white which signifies purity may these be the over riding spirits driving our thriving.

Remember there is a critical difference between Equity and Equality, let us embrace Equity at all times .

Go ahead and buy yourself a yellow and white rose , a mimosa, or a Tulip. artificial or real, in appreciation of the woman you are and the woman in your life . And make it a NORMAL.

At Eveafrique we toast to all the amazing women we know who have allowed their Candles to shine for other girls age irrespective to see their way through.

They embrace Equity daily and Innovation accompanied with technology seats well with them.

Glasses raised to the Niger Delta woman as she celebrates 2023 International Women’s Day and imbibes the values espoused 🥂

Ivy Davies Etokakpan,
EIC, EveAfriqueNews,
EveAfrique Red ball in Support of Causes since 2010.