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On Thursday, the Nigerian House of Representatives expressed the need for a review of national educational curriculum used by primary,secondary and tertiary institutions in the country.

The House therefore, requested the Federal Ministry of Education to commence collaborative work with the ministries of education in the 36 federating states to achieve the review.

This position followed the adoption of a motion on notice that was sponsored by Hon. Bamidele Salam during plenary.

Salam led the debate on the motion and said that the traditional curriculum for primary and secondary schools in Nigeria is handicap.

He emphasised that it does not equip students with requisite knowledge to place them on competitive pedestal when compared to advanced nations.

Salem insisted: “prioritizes rote learning over practical skills like critical thinking and problem-solving, which are very crucial in the current labour market, the curriculum might have a stronger focus on national subjects, potentially limiting exposure to global perspectives necessary to navigate the interconnected world”.

In the summation of the debate, the House called on the Education Ministry brace up for the conduct of a comprehensive review of the curriculum across primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions in the country.

It demanded that such efforts should be geared towards improving the standard of education in Nigeria.

The House expected that when the curriculum is reviewed, it should align with evolving global market demands.

It emphasised that the reviewed curriculum should enable students to develop skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, digital literacy, and adaptability.

The House urged the Federal Ministry to nurture essential soft skills like communications, teamwork, and interpersonal skills.

Such inclusion will address resource disparities, ensure equitable access to qualified teachers, updated learning materials, and proper infrastructure.

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