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Kilali Tribe Holds 2nd Annual Conference in Port Harcourt

By Suoyo Ekubo 

An all female Platform comprising of top inspirational female executives and phenomenal women known as the Kilali Tribe in partnership with EveAfrique Empowerment initiative on Friday hosted its Annual Conference 2023 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital with over 200 women in attendance.

With the theme; Surviving Change, the Conference was to empower women in the Niger Delta region to learn from experience of other phenomenal women and to build a network.

In the first session of discussion which was a cynosure of the theme Surviving Change, Mrs Osepiribo Ben-Wllie Executive Director Heritage Bank, spoke on sisterhood and resilience in surviving change. She talked about Change at personal, Societal and environmental levels. She said adapting to change helps you overcome imposter syndrome and help you fulfill your purpose in life. Another speaker, spoke on the feminine leadership and change. The speaker observed that the mindset to accept change is one of the ways to embrace change. Also Dr. Sophia Horsfall, spoke about skills needed in the new global economy. She looked at change from a global perspective. She said, “as we embrace change it is important that we have the right skills.”

Speaking to newsmen, the Chairperson of the Kilali Tribe, Dr. Tonye Ifie-Sekibo, expressed the group’s vision to empower women in the Niger Delta region. She stated, “Kilali is a group of inspirational women, we have come together in the last two years to empower ourselves and to empower our communities particularly women and girls from the Niger Delta. Our vision is that we move to the next level. we will impact Communities, we will lift people up not just ourselves as we go.”

Dr. Tonye Ifie-Sekibo also described the need for resilience and support system as key components of surviving change and making progress in life.

She said, “Surviving change is critical, it’s important. You can’t make progress without change. We’ve had fantastic speakers today telling us why change is important, what change is like, and giving us the skills to build resilience and to be able to survive change. This will unlock our potentials to the very next level.

“First of all, you’ve got to develop resilience, you have to build your support system. Kilali tribe is a support system we are a group of Thirteen inspirational women who have come together, we support one another and this has helped us and to reach potentials that we wouldn’t have imagined if we hadn’t come together. So build your support system. You can start from your family and group of friends. The hope and the passion is that everybody will be inspired to be the change that they want to see, and collectively we can do this together.

“Our theme this year is surviving change, unlock your potentials. You have to take the step. Listen to stories of women who have gone ahead of you. Just take the step and you will be amazed at what you will be able to achieve. Find a support group; people that can keep you going in difficult times.” She stated.

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