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Lawyer advises women against verbal abuse, says emotional battery terrible as physical battery

By Suoyo Ekubo 

The increasing menace of domestic violence in the society has raised concern, as a Bayelsa based legal practitioner and rights activist Ebikebuna Augustine Aluzu, has urged women not to denigrate their husbands verbally.

Aluzu who made this known in a post on Facebook said “a haggard-looking man is not a good brand image for a woman’s pride.


“Your husband can’t be haggard looking.

“You can’t afford him to look malnourished either.

“You don’t nourish your husband by buffeting his soul with verbal bludgeon as well as mood disorder.”


The lawyer who averred that physical and emotional battery is deadly noted that when a woman denigrates her husband verbally, she destroys him.

“When you harangue and keep accusing him, denigrating him with your tongue, you destroy him from the inside.

Emotional battery is as terrible as physical battery. A woman must do neither to her husband.


“For how can you claim to love someone if you’re constantly reducing the person’s sense of worth?,” he said.

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