Little Briella Soprialla Ibifubara-George needs urgent brain surgery


Family solicit for financial help to save little Briella Soprialla Ibifubara-George who needs urgent brain surgery.

“Guys please, I’ve come here to beg! I’ve come here to beg oh! We don’t have any other option than to come here to beg.

“My friend Jewelpere Ada-plum some of us know her as Nkwocha Nneka is going through one of the toughest times ever! Her child needs brain surgery urgently and this will cost about 10,000 dollars.

“I’m tired of crying, this hurts so bad. Seeing your child fighting for her life is not something I wish for my enemy. A hyper active baby suddenly cannot walk? God please 🙏🏾

“Please send something, tag someone, share! Abeg 🙏🏾

“You can please call the number below to verify and get more information.

“Please come through.

The baby’s account number is:

Briella Soprialla Ibifubara-George

Phone number: 09030758088