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Specimen 3 is my best friend, Seun, and before you start thinking naughty thoughts, we’re not friends with benefits. I know it’s hard to believe, but a guy and girl can be best friends with no strings attached. Seun has a girlfriend he’s been dating for about five years; her name is Jennifer. They’ve been dating since their first year in university, and he loves her with his life. Believe it or not, he’s never cheated on her, not even once, and he’s never considered it. I know this because he tells me everything. He always puts her first, she seems to have a strong hold on him. About two years into their relationship, they had a little misunderstanding, and she left him for another man, gallivanting around town with him while Seun placed his life on hold. He became a shadow of himself. We tried everything we could to get him back to normal; trust me, it took forever.

Several months after she rejected his pleas for her to leave the other guy and return to him, Jennifer appeared from nowhere, asking for forgiveness. Everyone, including his mother, warned against taking her back, but all warnings fell on deaf ears. They ended up getting back together because, as usual, she manipulated him and made him believe it was his fault. I think I need to beg her for the secret formula she used to make my best friend so love-struck because it’s working. I added Seun to my specimen list because I’d like to know how he can stay faithful to just one woman for so long. It’s near impossible to find guys like him these days; I consider him a rare breed worthy of investigation.

Specimen 4 is none other than my darling boyfriend, Nonso. We’ve been dating for two years now. We were friends before becoming lovers, though we weren’t very close. I didn’t even want to date him at first because I was afraid our friendship might change if we did. But he insisted, and I obliged because it wasn’t so easy to resist him. Nonso is my ideal kind of guy; tall, handsome, playful, fun to be with, and down to earth. The only problem I have with him is that he seems to have more female friends than male ones and he enjoys hanging out with them.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think there’s something wrong with that because I don’t trust the girls that flock around him. I believe they have a hidden agenda. There was even a time I had to take a trip to Calabar for training only for a few days, and one of his so-called friends came over to the house to cook for him. I was so mad when I found out. I imagined all sorts in my head, like her offering to serve him and clean up after cooking or begging to sleep over with the excuse that it was getting late. I didn’t hesitate to give him a piece of my mind because I didn’t see why he couldn’t manage fast food or noodles for just a few days.

I know some of you might think I’m being paranoid, but by the time I’m done telling you our story, you’d probably be more paranoid than I am. Before I started dating Nonso, friends warned me that he was a playboy. Of course, I never listened; I hate to judge people based on hearsay, and he seemed like a nice guy to me.Six months into dating him, I received a message from his ex, telling me he spent the night at her place.

The funny thing was that I’d offered to come to his place that night, but he told me he’d be working late, so I stayed home. I confronted him when I saw him much later, I didn’t let him know about the message I received before questioning him. As expected, he denied it. When I finally showed him the message, you’d think he’d at least be sorry, but he kept denying it and blaming the girl for trying to tear us apart. Then, he started getting aggressive when I refused to listen to anything he had to say, but that didn’t stop me from ignoring him. From that day, I became a watchdog.

I started monitoring movements that seemed suspicious to me. I noticed he sometimes ran back from the bathroom to get his phone if he forgot to take it with him. And he always slept with it under his pillow. Whenever I needed to use his phone, he would sit beside me to watch while I used it, and then take it back immediately after. I kept asking if he was hiding something, but he denied it.I know some people may think it’s wrong to go through your partner’s phone; they probably see it as an invasion of privacy. But with the way Nonso had been acting, I didn’t care if I was invading his privacy; I needed to know if he was still seeing his ex. So, I kept monitoring his phone, waiting for the best time to strike.

Finally, one day, he came to visit me at my place; I currently stay in the boys’ quarters of my parents’ house. I had them furnish it so I could be away from the main house and have my privacy. That day, for some miraculous reason, he left his phone at my place. I didn’t even notice until after I saw him off to the door and was clearing up. Trust me; when I saw the phone lying on the sofa, it was like I had just discovered gold; I locked the door, ran to the phone, and immediately started my ultimate search from his inbox to his call log, photos and videos.

By the time I was done, I had begun to wish he had never forgotten his phone. In his inbox were messages from at least three different girls, his ex and two others. You wouldn’t believe it; he was asking one of them out on a date while the other was thanking him for an amazing night. I found out he was exchanging messages with his ex, and they spoke to each other daily. He also lied that I was just a friend. She complained she wasn’t comfortable with us being friends, so he promised to do something about it.

I thought I’d seen it all till I opened his videos. I saw what looked like porn and wondered why he had it saved on his phone. Out of curiosity, I played it, and what I saw seriously shocked me; I almost thought I was seeing things. The video was a 45-minute-long sex tape of him and his ex. After watching the first few seconds, I consoled myself thinking they must’ve recorded it before we started dating. Then I checked the date of the video and realised it was recorded just the day before.

I just stood there staring in shock with my mouth wide open, my heart was burning in anger, and my hands were starting to shake. How on earth could he do this? He lied to me that he had nothing to do with his ex and even told me she was the one begging to have him back when actually, from what I saw, he was asking to see her too.

He seemed ecstatic doing the deed with her in the video too.Words can’t describe what it felt like watching my boyfriend have sex with his ex. I was enraged. I felt like committing murder. I was still thinking about what to do to him when the doorbell rang. I knew it was Nonso rushing back to get his phone after realising he’d left it behind. With the rage still burning, I went to the kitchen, picked up a knife, and walked towards the door to answer it.

Find out what happens next in Episode 4

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