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By Suoyo Ekubo 

Madam Dora Abraham and her daughter Yvonne Iwo-Brown, recently celebrated their Platinum and Golden Jubilees respectively in Port Harcourt.

In the beautiful city Port Harcourt two remarkable women, Madam Dora and Yvonne, planned an unforgettable joint celebrations. As the Matriarch and her beloved daughter shares a deep connection that only grows stronger by the day.

The Seasoned Golfer and Rotarian Yvonne Iwo Brown and her Mother Dora Abraham, gathered their family, friends and well wishers, people from different walks of life as they embarked on celebrating the heartwarming journey of shared milestones, family bond and love.

Madam Dora expressed that turning 70 and her daughter 50, is an epitome of Gods grace. Recognizing the significance of their birthdays aligning, madam Dora and Yvonne decided to merge their celebration into one grand affair.

As their guests came together, madam Dora and Yvonne danced in gracefully side by side radiating of appreciation to God, family bond, deep love, elegance and excitement between them . The bond between them was palpable as they exchanged heart melting glances, grateful for their shared conquered milestones.

Surrounded by family and friends the celebrants danced delightfully, delectable dishes were served in honor of the two exceptional women who has touched many lives.

As part of the event the Lady golfer Yvonne Iwo Brown presented awards plaques to her fellow golfers on behalf of the Club for their contributions to the course over the years.

Attendees whose lives have been touched and transformed by the celebrants also had the opportunity to thank their mentors the celebrant individually.

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