Nigeria High Commission in Jamaica Celebrates 63rd Independence Day Anniversary


On Sunday October 1st, Nigeria marked 63rd years of independence and this momentous occasion was highly celebrated by the Nigeria High Commission in Kingston, Jamaica organised by H.E Ambassador Maureen Tamuno Nigerian High Commissioner to Jamaica.

Citizens of Nigeria residing in the beautiful Jamaica, as well as other well-wishers gathered for a night of festivities. This included traditional performances, local drums playing melodies, music, dancing, singing, and good food. The atmosphere could only be described as jolly as all present shared the joy brought by 63 years of independence rule in the great nation that is Nigeria.

The beauty of the day was the display of various cultures and tribes all found within Nigeria at the event. The diversity of cultures within Nigeria definitely added the spice as everyone came decked out to represent their people, even as they represented Nigeria as a whole. For such a celebration, the entire day was necessary and well spent by all present as a way to honour Nigeria regardless of wherever they may be.