PERSONALITY OF THE WEEK: MAEVE ERE-BESTMAN, Multiple Author, Seasoned Writer, Publisher.


Along the winding banks of the Sombrero river nestled a town known for its habit of coveting its own. Nyemoni ( Abonnema) is a land famous for producing men and women of high repute, that aspire to break new frontiers in every field of human endeavour.

In this land known for its beauty queens and legal luminaries, billionaires and technocrats, a child was born to Barr. and Mrs. O. O. Oruwari on the 29th November as the stars aligned of their own accord.

Maeve grew up in a poly-nuclear family, where the various tools of an ordered life were entrenched in her fertile mind as she was introduced to the school of life.

As a student roaming through the corridors of life’s large classroom, her education started at Constitution Crescent Primary School, Aba where the family lived then. Even in these early times she demonstrated a resolve for getting the best in anything worthwhile, a habit that would eventually earn her admission into the Federal Government College Ilorin.

She had her first degree in the University of Port Harcourt where she studied French and her second degree at Enugu State University of Science and Technology where she bagged a postgraduate diploma degree in Business Administration, and a Masters degree also in Business Administration.She is currently at the Rivers State University where she is pursuing a second post graduate degree in English Literature,to aid her writing skills.

The world of finance welcomed her wholeheartedly into its fold after her university education, where she thrived in four different banks: Allied Bank,All States Trust Bank, Intercontinental Bank PLC and Access Bank. With a zero tolerance for corruption, she brought her attitude and aptitude to bear on her myriad of responsibilities.

Rising through the ranks, she worked in almost all branch departments, functioning at various times as facilitator in training school, head of customer services, head of operations, head of credit and marketing, head of retail banking, head of commercial banking, branch manager, etc.

She is a certified member, Nigerian Institute of Management, member, Association of Nigerian Authors, Vice President, Federal Government College Ilorin Old Students Association, and possesses a host of work related certificates as long as the Sombrero river.

Restless in one spot and with the desire to grow and diversify, she left the banking sector after 22years, swapping a regular job for a working schedule, and birthing such corporate entities as Timsy magazine, Beems Mart, Beems Universal Concept, Timsy I-MATTER, etc. Again she brought her enterprise to bear on these business concerns, turning some to household items.

Calendars change every year, but Maeve’s basic outlook on life had remained the same. What you see is basically what you get. Normally Taciturn and reticent, she can also be comfortable in her own skin when it becomes expedient. She is an embodiment of kindness, but does not suffer fools gladly.

The world is full of sad people, broken people moving from mirror to mirror in desperate search of affection and acceptance. People begging to be loved, loving to be needed,wanting to be whole. As much as she could, she had at various times and places, been eyes to the blind, and limbs to the lame. In a puddle of nothing, she had served puddings of comfort and hope for dinner to many.

Honesty is her identity card, and even when life serves her a plate full of contrition, as it sometimes does, she forged through rigid society with the confidence of an astute politician.

She is an anthology. A best seller. Her philosophy and history encompasses all literature. She is the overflowing adjectives, the bold pronouns and the shy nouns. She is the epitome of narrative writing and the inspiration behind ekphrasis in contemporary literature.

She is Mrs. Maeve Ere Bestman.

The “intoxicating one” as her name implies is married to the amiable Engr. Ere Bestman, and the union is blessed with three outstanding Children.