Peter Obi, breaks silence on the Turnout of the 2023 General Elections


by Mitchelle Uzorka 

In a statement released by the Presidential Candidate, he said;

1. “Greetings Fellow Nigerians and especially beloved members of the Peter Obi Vanguard (POV).

2. “It has become very important that I make this written address. Following the INEC’s declaration of the winner of the 2023 Presidential Election. It was not unexpected and we are neither surprised nor are we perturbed by the emergence of the APC candidate, as declared by the INEC.

3. “They have expectations and a grand plan. Hence, this declaration was done at about on Wednesday 1st of March 2023. We must not prove them right in their calculations about us. They want Nigerians to wake up to the known news and react. No! No!! No!!! Reactions to their expectations shall be given to them.

4. “I urge you to resist every temptation to lead or join any PROTEST. They will hijack it and use it against us. It will mean giving them another opportunity to kill and reduce our number. No blood of a true Nigerian is worth their desperation.

5. “We are more in number, more intelligent, and more informed, we are even better at the use of the technology they have used. The whole thing is clear even to the blind. The thuggery, molestation, threats, and worst are instances when security personnel aided and abetted them. The supposed umpire, INEC showed itself compromised by not adhering strictly to its set out regulations.

6. “Our arguments are simple and unambiguous thus;

A. “Do you change the rules of the game in the middle of the game?

B. “The INEC through its electoral act stated as follows;

i. “No PVC, NO Voting – INEC please review to see that this was vehemently contravened.

ii. “No BVAS Accreditation, No Voting – INEC please verify.

iii. “Results shall be uploaded in real-time, and from the polling units. This was not done.

iv. “When the INEC reverted to the manual collation of results, people called for review she preferred they should seek redress according to the law, INEC has left the ambiance of the law.

“The truth is that the contradictions in this election are numerous and only leave the common man with no hope or faith in this nation.

7. “Evil has no future and cannot stand the test of time. We are determined to take back our country, without allowing a repetition of the “Lekki Toll Gate” experience. The people we are up against have no values talk more of having for human lives.

8. “The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. They have done these to us in the last 4 days. They stole our votes and used correction fluid to destroy the people’s will which was demonstrated at the polls. Then they used INEC to complete their mission to kill.

9. “When the Jewish people, the Pharisees, and the elders killed Jesus Christ, they thought that it was over. On the third, Jesus Christ rose triumphantly from the grave. Our third day is coming, don’t ask me when. Though it may tarry, wait for it, it must come to pass!

10. “I want especially salute every resilient Obidients. You are too much. You have demonstrated that we are now ready to take back our nation with our intimidating votes. Do give in to discouragement. Keep the spirit high still. Simply follow the leadership at the various levels and platforms.

11. “We MUST all turn out on Saturday 11th March 2023 to continue the struggle. For we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with powers and principalities in the high places. Put on the armour of God and using our PVC, we shall give them the fight of their life.

13. “What we MUST DO is to VOTE FOR LABOUR PARTY ALL through. Let us kick out these corrupt people and bring in fresh air into the State Government and State Houses of Assembly. If you refuse to come out to vote, you will be justifying their claims that we couldn’t have gotten the kind of votes required to win the Presidential election.

14. “Finally, smile at yourself and refused to be downcast or allow your face abashed. It will not be long before they will start fighting in-house and betray themselves to us. Then the truth will come out. Relax, God is in control. I leave you with this; “Do not be Good for a Reason, Do not stop being Good for a Reason, Just be Good for Goodness begets Goodness.”