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Cape Cove Coffee Shop opened its doors on May 11, 2024, at No. 139 Aba express Road, Port Harcourt, offering a cozy retreat for coffee enthusiasts in the heart of the city.

In a world where coffee is a necessity, Cape Cove Coffee Shop is on a mission to elevate it into an immersive experience. The heartwarming aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the promise of unforgettable moments beckoned on their grand unveiling.

Nestled within the walls, a sanctuary awaits, a haven where every sip is a celebration, every bean a story. With each cup, they champion authenticity and craftsmanship, showcasing small-batch, artisanal coffee beans sourced from local roasters who pour passion into every roast.

What Sets Cape Cove Coffee Shop apart is their:

– Signature Blends: Crafted with love and care, each sip unravels layers of flavor and history.

– Atmosphere: Embrace the cozy ambiance, enveloped in plush seating and bathed in natural light that whispers tales of dawn.

– Tempting Delights: Indulge in their delectable pastries, freshly baked each day to complement your coffee journey.

– Community Spirit: join the Cape Cove Coffee Shop at the Piano Bar for engaging events that bring together kindred spirits, where ideas converge, and creativity thrives.

– Melodies in the Air: Immerse yourself in the soulful tunes of live music nights, amplifying the joys of shared moments.

As the clock struck 4 pm on May 11th, guests gathered with their senses guided to a new sanctuary of serenity and excitement. Those you seek solace in a silent sip or animated chatter with fellow enthusiasts came together at the Cape Cove Coffee Shop to enjoy the promises and fulfillment of an unforgettable experience that transcends a mere cup of coffee.

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