Port Harcourt Boat Club Announces AFRIBOATFEST 2024, Set to Mark 77th Anniversary


The Port Harcourt Boat Club 1947 is set to organise a two-day “AFRIBOATFEST 2024” to commemorate its 77th anniversary. The theme “Reviving the African Boating Cultural Heritage,” AFRIBOATFEST 2024 seeks to honour and showcase the deep-rooted traditions surrounding boating that have been integral to the region’s history.

Established in the year 1947, the Port Harcourt Boat Club stands as a beacon of tradition, elegance, and community in the heart of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. With a history deeply rooted in the pre-colonial era, the club has evolved over the decades to become a distinguished organization catering to the elites and nobles of society. Beyond being a mere venue, the club is a symbol of cultural heritage, connecting generations through a shared love for boating, camaraderie, and the spirit of celebration.

As the Boat Club approaches its 77th anniversary part of activities billed for AFRIBOATFEST 2024 includes; Boat/Canoe Regatta, Boating Festival: A celebration of African boating heritage with an exhibition of delicacies, complemented by boating activities in the river.

Speaking on the plans, the Chairman of the Boating Festival, Daso George has hinted on a world class event equal to global standards.