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Poultry farmers may record over 50% bird mortality due to heatwave: Official

The Lagos State chapter of the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) has predicted a bird mortality rate of over 50 per cent if the hot weather persists.

The chairman of PAN in Lagos, Mojeed Iyiola, noted that farmers across the state had lost many birds due to the rising temperature and heat wave.

“If all precautions are not taken, farmers can likely lose half of their flock due to the heat wave,” said Mr Iyiola.

He appealed to farmers to feed their birds early and keep their water cool.

“Heat always causes mortality among birds. Due to the rise in temperature, the birds stopped feeding by 11:00 a.m. Once we feed them in the morning, they refuse to eat afterwards because of the heat,” Mr Iyiola said in an interview on Friday.

“They just continue drinking water, and when the heat persists, they refuse to drink water due to the hotness of the water. The birds begin panting due to thirst and raise their wings to conserve air in between their wings, but that does not solve the problem,” Mr Iyiola added.

According to him, the panting persists and causes some birds to lay their eggs prematurely. This causes serious problems in the bird’s metabolism.

“In the process of struggling to lay eggs, the bird’s anus protrudes. For this reason, we usually experience high mortality.

“Due to the low feed, the birds’ energy depletes, and sometimes the eggs get stuck in their anus, which in turn causes prolapse and ultimately death.

“Most times, we see the eggs hang between their pelvic and anus when the birds die due to lack of strength to lay eggs,” the PAN chair said.

He urged local poultry farmers to take the necessary precautions to prevent high mortality of their birds, pending when the weather improves.


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