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Role of Technology in the fashion industry

by Mitchelle Uzorka 

Technology changes the world we live in by leaps and bounds. All industries are transformed by technology, and fashion is no exception to that.

Today, technology and fashion have become almost one and the same. Because the human being is totally dependent on technology and technology is an inseparable part of our lifestyle. It’s because of the use of smart phones and automation in the process. Technology makes the process compact and easier. In the fashion world, technology plays a very important role. Since technology helps to showcase the fashion trends of various fashion brands so that customers as well as designers earn more and more profit and other benefits too.

So, how did we get here and what is the role of technology in fashion?

• For Product designing

• Material Innovation

• E-Commerce

•Payment Portals

• Upskilling To Prepare For The Future

As technology continues impacting fashion, it’s important for design students and seasoned designers to stay ahead by learning how to use digital fashion software and hardware.




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