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steps to getting hundreds of clients without spending a dime on advertising or marketing

By Eveafrique, 11:07am

There are different steps an Entrepreneur should take when starting up a Business without spending so much money on marketing. Read below….

When you first start a business, a lot of trouble in getting new customers lies in people needing to trust you, especially when you’re the one providing the service to them. You can start to build a brand identity which may take years of blogging, a social media presence, a website, press interviews, and more. This allowed potential customers to get to know your brand and it’s services.

Everyone needs a brand identity. Start by understanding your value, skills, and story. Then communicate that consistently across multiple platforms, starting with a website and one to two social media channels.

2. Be your own PR

Getting featured in news articles and going viral multiple times can help bring in new customers on a monthly basis. You can get started out by researching and creating a long list of media outlets you want to be featured on, and then learn about what kind of stories they like to focus on.

Create a wishlist of places you’d like to be featured on, then do your research and craft a pitch that is relevant to what their audience will care about and what will make a good story for them to run with. You can also use tools like Help a Reporter Out (which is free) to get an understanding of what reporters are looking for from sources.

3. Tap into social media

Social media can be a powerful free avenue of finding new customers for your business. You can decide to use Instagram and Facebook heavily, posting at least once a day on both platforms. You can use hashtags, so content would be searchable.

Pick two platforms to launch on and maintain them regularly. It will help new customers discover you and leave with a mighty first impression of the business. sources.

4. Keep industry friends close

If you don’t have a budget for ads or marketing, word of mouth referrals can be a big way to gain new customers.

Try to meet with industry professionals for coffee every month to network. They can refer your business to a potential customer. This is a great way of building relationships with people who interact with my audience but aren’t my direct competitor, and create a connection to gain new customers on a regular basis.

You can be successful without having a big budget to spend on bringing in new business, you just have to have a strong strategy and think outside of the box. Tap into skills you already have and learn how to be your own master marketer, so you can use different avenues to spread the word and grow your business.

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