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Tasks ahead of incoming Administration

By Suoyo Ekubo

On May 29, the Rivers State governor-elect on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Siminalayi Fubara will commence his tenure as governor of the state.

It is all down to the task of governance. The people of Rivers State are standing at bay, watching what the incoming Administration led by Siminalayi Fubara, will do with the mandate given to him. Majority of the citizens and residents of the state believe a good leader does not make excuses for failure but finds reasons to succeed.

Considering the tasks ahead, residents of the State are full of expectations and the incoming administration record of performance is expected to surpass the expectations of the people.

Meanwhile, the outgoing Governor Nyesom Wike has assured that his successor, governor-elect Siminalaye Fubara and his deputy governor-elect, Prof. Ngozi Odu will surpass his record of success.

Ex-Governor of Rivers State, Chief Barr Nyesom Ezenwo Wike

“I have that belief that the governor-elect and the deputy governor-elect will do very very well. He is somebody you can rely on. His yes is yes, that I can tell you.”

“He is an accountant, they are very conservative. They don’t spend money anyhow. They spend the money where they know it will be useful. So, don’t rate us as the same. But he is a very good person.”

“When people were struggling to be governors, he never one day came to me to say sir, I am interested. Only those who don’t have the interest of the State were those masquerading themselves, running around, those who I know that would sell the State the next day and I thank God they have all left,” Wike said.

Francis Bacon said, “hope is a good breakfast, it is a bad Supper.”

In his manifesto, the governor-elect Siminalayi Fubara consolidated his vision on Six point agenda on Agriculture, Economic Growth and Industrialization, Infrastructure, Education, Healthcare, Security. Re-affirming his vision to build a greater Rivers State that assures equal opportunities and improved well-being for all and to continue the New Rivers Vision through effective, responsive and caring governance and build a truly inclusive and progressive State with shared prosperity for the present and future generations.

Vino Imperium

Based on his experience and background, there are reasons to believe that the governor-elect possesses good public leadership qualities. He must search his mind and be willing and ready to stand by his people when the need arises. He must also think of areas where the people of Rivers State will be happy to see changes.

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