Rivers State Deputy Governor, Prof. Ngozi Nma Odu says the greatest thing one can do in life is to be able to give back to society.

Prof. Odu stated this during the 15th Anniversary Celebration of Dr. Andrew A. Igwe Foundation (DAAICF) at Akabuka Civic Centre, in Ogba Egbema Ndoni Local Government Area on Saturday 15th December, 2023.

Prof Odu who disclosed that the very big Universities all over the world are sustained by individuals that give back to them said Egi will be sustained by the spirit of giving back.

“Today I am challenging each and every one of us including myself that let us inculcate the spirit of giving back, when everybody gives back in their own little way, you are going to get a lot of mileage”. Prof. Odu stressed.

According to the Deputy Governor, what Dr. Andrew Igwe is doing is rewriting the narrative of education for everyone in Onelga not just in Egi land and urged him to continue to do, for others to queue behind him and take it to a higher level.

She said giving is not about how much you have, but a thing of the heart, you give because it pleases you to give; noting that it is an opportunity to give unto God.

“We say, givers never lack, and we can see that even though he gives so much he lacks nothing. Andrew I want to use this opportunity to appreciate you for all have done, all you are doing and for what you are yet do, if everybody does a little the society will be a better place. If Iam Deputy Governor today, anybody within Egi land can also aspire to be something higher”. The Deputy Governor quipped.

In his remarks the Chairman of Ogba Egbema Ndoni Local Government Area Hon. Vincent Job said when he hears about education he is always happy and excited to do something to improve education, because he had scholarship when he went to school.

He commended Dr. Andrew Igwe for investing so much in education single headedly for the past 15 years unlike politicians who only give to the society when election is near.

Also speaking the Chairman of the Occasion Engr. Vincent Nnadi said what Dr. Andrew Igwe is doing is to build capacity, adding that capacity building is key in the quest to achieve sustainable development.

In address, the founder of the Doctor Andrew A. Igwe Care Foundation (DAAICF) Dr. Andrew Igwe, said the delivery of philanthropic services to his people was an inherent trait placed on him by God, nothing that he would continue to use the foundation to actualize lofty goals.

He said the Foundation commits to further her support to the society by creating an enabling environment within the available resources for a comfortable future for our children.

Highlight of the occasion was the Presentation of a keynote address by Associate Prof. Obodoegbula Agi-Otto as well as the presentation of meritorious awards to deserving recipients.

Owupele Benebo
Head of Press,
Deputy Governor’s Office, Port Harcourt.
Saturday December 23rd, 2023.