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Timi Dakolo advise to beginners

Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo, on Monday shared screenshot of his tweet on to his instagram page motivating beginners to give themselves time to grow and stop comparing themselves with experts.

“Just so you know. Nobody started really really good. We learnt on the job. Your beginnings shouldn’t be compared to someone’s 10 years of experience. That’s so unfair to what you are building. Give yourself time to grow,” the tweet read.

He added, “The truth is that you are going to mess up a lot at the beginning. Flunk on your first try. Your first work will look like nothing you have in mind. That’s okay.

“We all didn’t get it right at first. It is possible that the people you admire now were worse than you at the beginning. That part wasn’t just shown to you.

“So it’s okay that if you are struggling at first, it’s part of the process. Nobody was really good at the beginning.”

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