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Tinubu Has Capacity To Do Things Differently Says Abe

By Suoyo Ekubo 

Senator Magnus Ngei Abe has said that President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has the capacity to do things differently as the events in the last three weeks of his administration have proven that a lot of people seem to be surprised by the actions the President has taken in his understanding of the challenges facing the country.

Abe made the declaration while speaking on Channels Television programme, ‘Politics Today’ in Abuja on Tuesday.

He said Tinubu’s actions have surpassed the expectations of some Nigerians; by his speed, his understanding of the challenges facing the country, his courage and by his determination to get the country to where he wants to take the country to be.

Abe, however said those of them who knew the President were not surprised, because they knew that all that was possible with Tinubu at the helm of affairs in Nigeria.

The gubernatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), in the 2023 general elections in Rivers state said: “You see everywhere now, people are turning, singing one song, oh! that they didn’t know he could make those changes, but I know that Asiwaju has the capacity to do the things he is doing; we always knew that and we told Nigerians.

“From the outset of all those who indicated interest to run this country, nobody was better prepared, nobody has better experience, nobody has greater capacity.

“So this man has the capacity, the knowledge and the reach to be able to bring diverse people together in this country.

“He has shown that repeatedly and in this last election, if it was not for the fact that it was Tinubu that was running, I doubt if the APC would have been able to do as much as it did with all the challenges.

“The currency change, everything that went on in this country, it was only Asiwaju who has the personal reach across this country to be able to bring together the kind of force that he brought about.

“This is the only politician in the history of this country that has been able to bring the conservative north into an alliance with the progressive west and uproot a seating government and then turn around to bring himself back as the president of this country.

“He is, in terms of political strategy, engineering, dexterity, the ability to bring people together, I don’t think you have a match in Asiwaju”.

On the issue of fuel subsidy, Abe said: “For instance, every president that has come to office in this country, has come with that understanding that the fuel subsidy is a scam, it’s destroying our economy.

“It’s killing our country, it’s subsidizing the entire west African sub region, it’s unsustainable, it will ruin us, they all said that, they all knew that, but no president was able to finally cross that line to say ‘it ends now’.

“However, on the day of his inauguration, without leaving the eagle square, Asiwaju achieved that for this country. That’s something people danced around for years and they couldn’t do it, he has done it. It may look simple because it has been done, but it was actually one of the most difficult challenges that this country has faced.

“What the policies of this president is going to do is that he is going to expand the opportunity for the average Nigerians, creating opportunities for Nigerians, even in the downstream sector opportunities will expand, more people will get into making more money.

“People are leaving this country daily for other countries not because things are cheaper over there, but because there are more opportunities for them to make money, that’s what the whole thing is about; making money, and Tinubu understands money”.

Meanwhile, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe has felicitated with Muslims on the occasion of this year’s Eid-el-Kabir.

In a Salah message to all Muslim faithful, he enjoined them to pray and work for the peace, economic and industrial growth of Nigeria irrespective of political affiliations.

He urged them to continue to make necessary sacrifices that will enhance the stability of the nation by being kind and generous to the people around them in the footsteps of the prophets.

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