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We will integrate new ways of doing things in Rivers – Abe

By Suoyo Ekubo 

The Governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Rivers State, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, has said if elected governor, his administration will integrate new ways of doing things in the state.

Abe disclosed this at Okrika while receiving hundreds of decampees from other political parties into the SDP in Okrika Local Government Area of the State.

While reiterating his commitment to sustain the state Abe said his administration will never impose leaders on the people but will allow communities to choose their leaders, who will in turn guide the government on what to do for the people.

This was in a communique signed on Wednesday by Parry Saroh Benson, spokeperson to Magnus Abe quoted the governorship hopeful.

Abe said: “We have talked to you about freedom, liberty and respect for norms and institutions. We will ensure that, we give you back the rights to choose your leaders. It is the people you choose as leaders that we will deal with.

“We will not come to your community and impose people on you who don’t have your confidence. No, we will allow you to choose your own leaders so that if something is bad for you, they will also come to you and say no, this thing is not good. My people will not like this. My people do not behave like this. People don’t like this and all that.

“That’s what leaders and communities are supposed to do for the community, guide the government so that the government will in turn serve the people. We are also going to integrate a new way of doing things in Rivers State.

“We are totally focused on how people will make money. Everybody needs money, there is no point pretending that it is only big men who need money. Everybody wants to be the biggest man that he can be. There is nobody who wants to be a small person because you are a big person.

“In a democracy, the first rule that all of us must understand is that we are all equal. That’s what makes it a democracy. If we don’t accept that equality, every action that we take based on the fact that we are important or we are right and others are not important, is not right. It makes no sense of the whole democracy.

“That’s why in a democracy the governor, the senator, the chairman, the honourable, everybody has one vote and the power of all the votes are equal. Nobody’s vote has more power than that of the other person.” Abe said.

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