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Diary of a middle aged woman page7

By Eveafrique Business and News, 07:48am

Dear Dairy ,
Hahaha…do you remember the song treat her like a lady by the chart bursting Temptations of the 80s?…
I never knew men still exist who use the song as their Bible.

This is my total summarization of Otunba, I have almost forgotten his real name sef, my impression and capture of his essence and it’s impact on me has given him a larger than life value. . In almost 10weeks of dedicatid friensship and close encounter I am almost hero worshipping him, a whole me who pride myself to having seen 11 wetin come dey for 12. Walahi, my heart smiles warmly whenever my spirit stops by him in the thought realm.

When I place him beside Philip I wonder how a man can be so calm in every circumstance, I remember my days as a married woman, Philip and I will argue over almost every thing , when I dare refuse to have sex then be sure that the fire in hell will be lite and all the Lucifer’s chiefs will attend personally to the matter…oya try woo relax the woman you want to tansh na…whosai!

The process then was from early morning battle of the organs and Spirits, straight to some more annoying drama, like ignoring, any conversation, i remain of the opinion that i am not a mere sex object but a human with a soul and my emotions if properly managed will always, always, always cause the butterfly to energe out of the Caterpillar, if I attempt ringing Philip at work I was always rebuffed, so basically I cannot reach him, then before you know it you’ll see him home (no regular time), demanding for food which must be served immediately and hot! ….meanwhile our micro wave oven scattered a long time ago, Such a tall mandate, next thing is back to the sex matter …I will be hearing you are my wife, you must do this and do that, and most nights I cried because I felt worthless.


Anyways back to happy days, dear diary, you see that Abuja trip ehn…it is a long, long, long time I felt this warm and happy, with my self-esteem revved. Is it from his raising or is it life’s experiences or transference of spirits…yes na, as a member of almost all the top clubs and sororities, there will be a transference of spirits, mindsets and lifestyles people pick from one another…wherever this man picked his graces from, they did an altogether good job.

Friday, we had dinner at the rooftop restaurant of the Oakview hotel. After the drama over sleeping arrangements, Otunba had said, “there are 2 rooms here, you sleep in my room or in the other room, but then I can book another room for you in this hotel…I quickly analysed all options and went for the other room.
After dinner, we lounged at one of the hotel’s private, private lounge, “hmmmm, people have style o”, I thought.

At this cozy sit out Otunba took my hands and began to tel me the story of our very, very first meeting, which I couldn’t recall, how he kept an eye on me whenever our association met, observing my every move, how as the exchequer of the association he had my full details…of course!!!!, how he took note of my preferences in sweets/chocolates, drinks during our chats and little shoppings…..Jehovah!!!!! Look at me who used to announce my preferences and no one even bothered to note, suddenly someone is noting and keeping records……again i remember that my far relation as i try to recall what my face looks like, what is it in me that is attracting this man if not that he has plans to “sacrifice” me.


Meanehile, while i was taking all this in Otumba asked if he can hug me? ….Did you hear me? he asked….he did not pull me or drag me into a forced embrace…..Fear, appreciation, that overwhelming feeling made me see myself drifting into his embrace. In that moment, I heard the words I wondered if I’ll ever hear, he said, “allow me to love you, i ll like to help you, I like you a lot!”
Dear Diary, the only thing flashing in mind at that time was all of Philip’s complaints…”you are too harsh, you are too fat, you think you know too much, you are too brash, people don’t really like you, all the neighbors think you are too troublesome, you spend too much, I am not buying gas, if you will not use kerosene. So be it, ……. o Satan, why do you want to embarrass me like this, how will I hide all these flaws…hey…this man will despise me in a few day. If Philip that paid my bride price couldn’t stand me is it this stranger who will….

Dear Diary, do you know that while I pondered on this, the music box came alive in the lounge and Shalamar’s “Make that move” drifts into the air…in a minute my focus changed and I wonder when last I did shave my down below……. long read….hahahaha

Who is that at my door…omg.,.the doorbell has been ringing frantically.

©️ EveafriqueNews

Art work; The Woman of Passion @Fatherkilali

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