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Diary of a middle aged woman page8

By Eveafrique Business and News, 07:52am

Dear dairy ,it is very important to have an outlet to vent . where would I pour my heart to if you were not available .I pray people understand the extend to which pent up thoughts can actually hurt expressive people like me and an contributes to certain I’ll heath conditions

It’s has been a while I know since we gisted, my table has been crazily encumbered.with schools resuming after a brief break I had to resume my usual schedule of spending weekends at my sisters house where my children live.

It is amazing how fast children grow, any moment lost is never recouped so I had made it a lifestyle to be with them at weekends though I trust my sister’s mothering skills .Deb, Deb, my 12 year old Deborah is a big girl now ,(too matured in my view ) she is daily transforming into a confident young lady , a little bit too aggressive i am thinking within me, this could be due to the influence of my nieces who are older than her ,it is a beautiful positive influence.anyways

I had my children in Quick succession after my late marriage,I am grateful for uncomplicated child births Inspite of my age .My children were raised in what I now recognize as a largely toxic environment, though we always put up a united front when we were living with my former husband, but the incessant face offs, and constant arguments between Philip and I had inflicted quite a damage on our children unbeknown to us .it was this reality that empowered my mind to move out of the marriage when i did . though the church did not approve of my decision , still I alone knew the depth of damage our failed marriage and constant fights had on my children. Six years down the road I see my children blooming again and their confidence restored while i paid the price of shame and judgement…..as woman wey no fit stay for man house.

What they see these days is the Balanced relationship between my sister and her spouse , perhaps because they dated for quite sometime before they finally got married.their marriage relationship seem so different from mine, it was this same inspiring relationship of theirs that encouraged me to get married in the first place. Yeah ,my sister also complains now and then of the famous male obstinance of ” dem no dey hear word” and some semblance of arguments ensue , still I see that always , always they are quick to forgive one another and move on.

I envy my sister at those times when i witness how her husband will resort to her on major and minor issues, she is the real emperor though subtle in her home , it is also heart warming to see how her husband teases her out of tense situations , I love the way he manages her , tantrums and all , he sure has grace , it is easy to fall in love with aan who gives you such calm confidence i opine, and I am glad that my son is getting to live under this atmosphere and see this part of manhood .

He is at peace and no longer finds it challenging to assist his younger sisters and endure their Ideosyricracies.

Hmmmmm, alot of serious stuff….i know….hahahaha

(old Mama, i am lying flat on my stomach, swilnging my legs joyfullywith a merry heart like an 18 year old thinking about her crush….a girl will remain a girl at heart i am thinking…).

On the romance front alot has happened between Otumba and I , I have had experiences I never knew existed , beautiful moments with a tirig of pain , I will bring you up to date on these happenings.

For this weekend,we go to kano , to stand with our homegirl Halima as she mourns her husband Rabiu ( fine, soft spoken, generous) who suddenly passed and has been buried according to their tradition…..story for another day😍🤩🥰

My tickets, and travel logistics is all safely tucked in my email and wallet …….onto Kano…dreams do come true I see but I am wondering these kinds do they stand the test of time ?

I’ll keep you posted my dear gist Partner @#diaryofamiddleagedwoman

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