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The attention of the Bonny Chiefs’ Council has been drawn to the trending issue of the purported attempt by a faction the Peoples Democratic Party to suspend Rt. Hon. Victor Oko-Jumbo, who by the grace of God, is the current Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly.

Even though the Bonny Chiefs’ Council is apolitical, and has no intention of dabbling into the affairs of career politicians, it feels deeply worried by this attempt to shortchange Bonny Kingdom by trying to remove our son, who by virtue of his position, is the number three man in hierarchy of government in Rivers State. This intervention has become necessary because the plot, if allowed to fester, is capable of inviscerating crisis at the expense of the peace and tranquility we enjoy in Bonny Kingdom.

Therefore, the Council has deemed it necessary to speak up and to vehemently condemn that devious plot by a faction of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ward 10 of Bonny Local Government Area. The Council views that attempt to suspend Rt. Hon. Victor Oko-Jumbo from the party, and by extension, displace him from his position as Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, as a blatant affront to the integrity of our dear Kingdom and what we stand for as a people. As the first representative from Bonny Kingdom to hold such an exalted and prestigious position, we stand united in denouncing any machinations against him.

The Bonny Chiefs’ Council wishes to use this medium to remind our politicians of the need to maintain the Bonny brand of decent politics without bitterness.

The Bonny Kingdom has long been celebrated for its unique political culture, where political opponents come together as brothers and sisters, engaging in cordial discourse and shared meals. This tradition of civility and mutual respect has been the hallmark of Bonny’s political landscape, setting it apart as a shining example of democratic and political maturity.

However, we have observed with grave concern that in recent times, there have been worrying signs of political acrimony and divisiveness creeping into our beloved kingdom. This is a concerning departure from the values that have defined us as a people, and we cannot allow it to take root.

For this reason, the Bonny Chiefs’ Council, hereby calls upon all political actors within our kingdom to recommit themselves to the principles of decent politics that have served us so well. We implore you to refrain from any activities or rhetoric that could compromise the integrity of our kingdom and the cherished relationships we share as a people.

The Bonny brand of politics is a source of pride for our community, and we must jealously guard it. We urge our politicians to engage in robust debates and discussions, but to do so with the utmost respect and civility. Let us continue to set the standard for political discourse, where opponents can disagree without being disagreeable.

The Bonny Kingdom has a rich history of political maturity and cooperation, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that this legacy endures. We call upon all our political leaders to heed this message and to rededicate themselves to the values that have made Bonny a beacon of hope in this part of the country.

The Bonny Chiefs’ Council calls for immediate cessation of this divisive action and urges all parties to uphold the sanctity of our democratic processes and the integrity of Bonny Kingdom.
Together, let us safeguard the Bonny brand of decent politics and continue to inspire, encourage and support one another and the world at large.

We pray that God almighty will continue to guide, preserve and direct our son, Rt. Hon. Victor Oko-Jumbo as he carries out his responsibility as the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly.

His Excellency,
Se-Alabo (Amb.) Dagogo S. C. Wilcox, FSS, MON, KSC, JP.
Chairman, Bonny Chiefs’ Council

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