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The Diary of a middle aged woman page6

By Eveafrique Business and News, 12:29pm

Dear Diary,

People know how to chop life I tell you. I think people have devised means to combat “ bad days “, there are deliberate and intentional strategies to keep Joy flowing at all times. Indeed the joy of the Lord is our strength i know o, but, some people seem to have devised vital and tactical strategies to keep positive energy flowing, they even budget for it, an antidote to combat Depressing days i think.. The Intent is one but the routes are diverse I see.

A wise man Alan Cohen once said “There is virtue in work and there u
is virtue in play. Use both and overlook neither ”

I plan to ask Otumba to elaborate on this lifestyle of his that appears to perpetuate joy, removing any contrary spirit per time, I am a Questionaire normally, i know, lol , but I perceive this is not the right time, I ll refrain for now, make I enjoy small before I spoil my own fun by myself, hahahaha, whoever pays a middle aged woman any attention btw, we are usually confined to the achieves preparatory for extinction…on the other hand i am thinking, this kind attention and friendship wey i dey enjoy so, make this man no go use me for rituals o, i remember an incidence in my younger days where this Man of means suddenly performed the full marriage rites of my far Relation, she was a divorcee grandmother at that time, very beautiful and sagacious. We were all glad when this guy was doting on her , envying her even, i mean, she had married , bore children with a grandchild, and then a man like that comes to marry her again….some people get luck o, we thought…..only to hear of her mysterious and mind blowing death barely 16 months afterwards….Gist for another day.


That weekend in Abuja was fun but not without some tense and delicate moments for the first time since i connected with this my thoughtful friend. My outtings with Otumba was always smooth, easy and simply exhilarating , but this Abuja trip eh…. difficult and awkward moments come plenty inside…..the chicken is about to roast…hahahaha.

I had no idea how the trip will pan out, I don’t think I should be a burden on Otumba afterall he is not my Bobo or husband , so I put a purse together for the trip. I contacted our fashion Police, Miss Wisdom herself, Chinyere who gave me some fashion tips and loaned me some nairas, my sis loaned me her leather pilot suitcase, no be only me poor come, lol, this is how I arrived the airport looking understatedly elegant even if I say so myself, I admired the girl in the mirror as i passed by the reflective glass doors.

As I travelled to the airport I received a PNR for my flight to Abuja, shuo, shuo, shuo, how did this guy get my full names and email? While, I plan to ask him I receive a credit alert with the narration Travel Logistics, shuo, shou, shuo, shuo, and how did he get my bank details?????

All these could only come from one person…my heart skipped abit and I suddenly felt vunerable …I guard my details compentently I thought, I am not a porous person I thought, could I have given him my details under a drunken state?

Well, sharp woman that I can be , I quickly return Chinyere’s loan first, no be God in action be this I thought, we had planned to meet at the airport but I cannot see Otumba anywhere …..hmmmm, as I settle in an SMS comes in requesting I come wait at the VVIP LOUNGE, really!!!!!! And so the journey begins.

Before you know it Dear Diary, we arrive Abuja and straightup to the Oakview Apartment Hotels where a Manager meets us and leads us to an accommodation which turns out to be a 2 bedroom suite with flowers, chocolates and a bottle of my favorite red wine Lamothe Parrot Original🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

My palpitations are on the increase, I feel everyone can hear the sound. I sit down in the luxurious living room taking in all the fine details and wishing this was home for me. As I take a look at the snack tray on the exquisitely designed centre table filled with fresh Classic red roses I notice the chocolates are also my favorites, these people how come they have the same tastes as I, I wonder, hmmmmm… i know that the price of one rose is 3k so i unconsciously begin to count the stems….

But, this is where Otumba will stay sha, so, immediately the Manager leaves I turn to Otumba and ask if the car hire can take me to a cheaper accommodation and he said, why? you dont like this Space, and i am like, no, i love it but this is your room, and he said no,this is “our” accommodation for the weekend….surely we can stay together can’t we?

Dear Diary….

My heart skips. My palm is wet. What was I thinking all along ? What does this mean? I am confused. But there are two rooms though, but it is a long weekend, what will we be doing? anyway this man has never made an amorous move towards me, so why the worry? But they say you don’t keep a goat and yam in one room nau,


…..ewoooo…I have forgotten my Dodo on the fire…..laters please.

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Artwork Credit; Kilali Etokakpan: Instagram @FatherKilali

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